DealDash’s Grocery Shopping Tips

DealDash grocery store tips

Even if you are still spending most of your time at home, we all need to do grocery shopping. Use these tips from DealDash to have a better experience.

Unless you are ordering all of your groceries and having them delivered, you are still heading to the supermarket for grocery shopping. This can be an unpleasant experience sometimes, but there’s no need to worry. Just read these tips from DealDash to improve your experience.

Bring Your Own Wipes

Firstly, we all know that keeping things clean these days is very important. Also, we all have to still go grocery shopping. And in the beginning, there were typically employees at the front of the store wiping carts down. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. So if you would like to have a clean and sanitized shopping cart, you should bring your own wipes. Even if you don’t plan on wiping down your cart, you should bring a few wipes, anyway. They can be great for wiping down your hands after touching meat packages that always seem to be leaky. You can also use them at the end of your trip to wipe down your hands. There are no downsides to bringing along a few wipes, so just do it!

Don’t Forget Your Hand Sanitizer

Next, along with the wipes, you should bring your own hand sanitizer. Many stores lately have been asking you to use hand sanitizer on your way in the door. They usually provide free sanitizer to use, but personally, I dislike the plain/lemon/alcohol-scented sanitizer they offer. So I always bring my own sanitizer that I like and don’t mind the smell to linger on my hands. I just keep a clip on my purse that holds the sanitizer, but you can buy a key chain clip to hold sanitizer for just a couple of dollars.

Shop at Odd Hours

Finally, to have the best grocery store experience, I suggest going at odd hours. So instead of going grocery shopping at a convenient time, such as a weekend afternoon, try for a mid-afternoon on a weekday. There are many benefits to going shopping at odd hours, such as fewer other customers, no waiting in line outside to get in, and (possibly) more selection on the shelves. Did you know that you can easily see when your local stores are busy or deserted? Check out this article on the How to Geek website to find out how!

Shop at Home on DealDash

If you need to get some non-grocery items for your home, then it’s time to shop on DealDash! There are many different categories to choose from such as Electronics and Computers, Kitchen and Dining, and even Cars! There are lots of great reasons to shop on DealDash, such as fun and savings. However, in these times, one of the best reasons is free delivery, with no minimum! Just as an example, just the other day they sent me a new set of markers with free shipping. At most other places, I would have had to place an order of at least $35 to get free shipping.

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