Entertainment Shopping at it’s Best!

I Love “Bidding For Deals”….  You can too!

If you could shop for products you would normally pay full retail for, but could get them for up to 90% off, would you?    I bet the answer to that one is YES!

Well I do, and so do many others just like me.  Before I buy anything extra for my family, I always check DealDash first to see if they have what I’m looking for or something similar. I know I’ll have a better chance at getting it cheaper than driving down to the mall to buy it.

The major plus – Staying at home, avoiding the traffic and wasting gas,  running all over the place to just come home and unload it all.  Whew, that was exhausting.

DealDash saves me money on the products my family wants.  I’ve stopped paying those high retail prices on the extras we could not afford before.  They even ship my items right to my front door for FREE.  That’s right,  Free Shipping!

What better way is there to shop and it’s entertaining too, than bidding for deals!
It’s what I consider Entertainment Shopping at it’s Best!  

Ok, let’s get back to the up to 90% off.  It’s really hard to believe isn’t it?  Well let me just say that I’m proof that you can save while shopping on DeaDash and here’s why.

My youngest daughter is a budding photographer.  Cameras are NOT cheap and she was looking for a new one to add to her equipment bag. Her birthday was coming up so I asked her what type of camera  she would like to have.   A new SLR would be good she told me.

Yes, a Nikon was coming up, a $999.95 camera.

I decided to bid on it because I had just purchased a few more bids because of a bid special.  I was not too sure if I’d have a chance because this camera had not been offered before.  New items usually have many bidders and it’s hard to know when the right time is best to get in on the action.  She really wanted a new camera and I was determined to try to get it on sale.

I decided to GO FOR IT… and I’m glad I did…
I set my BidBuddy (Automated Bidding Tool) with the amount of bids I wanted to spend. I got up to go check on dinner I was cooking and when I returned…
CONGRATULATIONS LADYK  was on the screen.  WHAT? — I’d WON?

I was so excited, now I’d be able to give my daughter a new piece of equipment that I’d never be able to afford at my local stores.  Not for this price…. 

I won it for only $0.30….
30 CENTS!!! and I used only 8 bids…. with the Free Shipping,

I paid less than $2.00 for a $999.95 Camera…. That’s what I call 90 % OFF…

Nikon SLR Camera for 30 cents 

Since this time I’ve bid and saved on many more items up to 90% off, and you can too.  It’s easy to join, and easy to have fun shopping while saving on the products you and your family may want.

I’ve been a loyal customer of DealDash.com for over 3 years.  I love sharing my own savings stories, hints and tips and other information about this amazing shopping site with others.  I’ve dedicated an entire website to DealDash because I want to help others win and save too.

Please join me over at my site: DealDashDeals.com for product reviews, strategies, site helpers, monthly top ten list and more.  I even have my own blog about DealDash.

Check back soon right here on DealDashReviewed.com to find more amazing stories just like mine, by other happy DealDash customers. I’ll be back soon to share more reasons why I love bidding for Deals on DealDash.

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