How to Win a DealDash Auction on a Limited Budget

Hello Deal Dashers!

When I am on Deal Dash I see so many people from different regions and also different financial backgrounds. Some are business owners, some are retired, housewives & husbands. Some are on fixed incomes and take what they can afford to buy some bids in hopes of winning. While I observe the patterns and read the bios of many, it came to me how to win a DealDash auction on a limited budget.

One way to do this is watch for those great deals and buy bids when discounted at 15 cents. Buy what bids you can afford, and do not use them right away. When the opportunity arises again, buy more bids to increase your stock pile. Look at it like a savings account, that you are trying to save money in. 50% Off Sale on DealDash Once you have acquired an amount of bids that you are ready to use, be patient and wait for the great promotions, like half off and free wins! That is when you take the opportunity to use the bids that you have saved up for and make the best use of them.

This is one way of saving money and also giving you better chances of winning an auction. As Deal Dash is growing in popularity so are the number of people that are now bidding. Some are aggressive bidders that may be at times wanting an item so bad, they may not wait for the clock to tick down to hit the bid button – some call these “Bid Stompers”.

DealDash BidBuddyDon’t forget use Bid Buddy, this too is also a way to make best use of your bids without wasting them. Most auctions are won with the use of the BidBuddy.

Remember be patient. It is easy to get caught up in a bidding frenzy when you see an item you would love to have. That item you see usually shows up minutes, hours even days later. So start saving those bids up and jump in on the fantastic promotions.

Happy bidding on and Enjoy!