Have you tried the DealDash Marketplace?

Wooohoo!!! Deal Dash has out done themselves this time! What if I told you… You can now play on DealDash.com and never buy bids again!!! What if you could not only bid on the things you wanted in the traditional way but also sell and buy items for specific prices or in this case bids!! Now for the first time ever on a penny auction site you can list items for a determined amount of bids to sell in the “MARKETPLACE”. Marketplace

Listing is simple! Just a title, description and number of bids you want for the item. Sellers must ship the item with tracking information. Once the item has shipped and the tracking info submitted, the seller will receive the bids from the buyers account. Very simple! And what makes it even better is that once again Deal Dash has got you covered!! They have extended their 100% satisfaction guarantee to the Marketplace with buyer protection!! That means if you are not satisfied with your “purchase” Deal Dash will return your bids!! You can’t beat that!!DealDash Buyer Protection

I have personally sold several items already and haven’t paid for a single bid since the “Marketplace” opened! The “marketplace” is really in its infant stages right now with many more things to come as far as functionality and fun is concerned! So stay tuned and watch for even more fun and more great deals on DealDash!!!

DealDash Marketplace