Tips for Using DealDash to Help

Today, I will discuss about my personal DealDash experiences for the past month. First off, the mail delivery service has been busy coming to my home delivering all the items I purchased using the Amazon Gift Cards I won on which has been simply awesome! Just the other day I received another electric pressure washer to back up the well-worn one I won a year ago on DealDash. I did have to Buy it Now (BIN), but I truly needed it, and was prepared to Buy it Now to get all of my bids back in case I lost. It came from Sears, was priced competitively and is one of my very favorite cleaning appliances.  It is electric and super easy to use! Read more about this and my strategy in a previous blog entry I wrote: A Good DealDash Strategy.

Helping a kitten
In loving memory of Lucy

If you’ve read some of my other blog entries you’ll know that my true passion is fostering and helping animals. It’s clearly stated in my DealDash user name: LuvMyPets. To help the animals I shop on which has a variety of pet supplies and gift cards that allow me to purchase needed supplies. Here’s a list of some of the items I bought using the Amazon cards I won on DealDash.

  1. 5 cases of kitten food for my 10 foster kittens and 1 foster cat
  2. A 45 ” soft sided kitty/puppy playpen for a foster Momma cat and 4 kittens
  3. Nutritional supplements of NutriCal, vitamins, and Geneflora for cats/kittens
  4. A fold-up tripod laundry line for sheets and freshly washed kitty towels and rags
I am always super happy when I see items on DealDash for pets and always look forward when more useful pet items will be added. So far, I have acquired two high quality pet beds, an extra large wire pet cage, and a Suncast dog house. I don’t only shop on DealDash for my pets though. Just recently I also got a few other personal items I wanted thanks to DealDash.
  1. A bicycle and a tricycle cover for the bikes I purchased from Amazon last Christmas with my Deal Dash Amazon Gift Cards
  2. A generic Kreepy Krawley swimming pool cleaner

Play PinJust in the past week I won another $600 in Amazon cards.  I can’t wait to go shopping on Amazon again!  That’s even more money for foster food and supplies; plus some goodies for me! If it were not for DealDash I would not be able to provide so well for the orphaned, rescued foster animals and I would not be buying all these “extras” for myself. Clearly, DealDash has been a good deal for me. 🙂

Tips for the new and inexperienced players:

  1. Rapid bidding on top of every other player is detrimental to you, and good for the rest of us, who know better. If you don’t figure that out soon enough, you will eventually be very sorry for over spending and destroying your Return on Investment.
  2. Check the stats of some of the bidders you are playing against. If you see that that they just won a huge bid pack, you may want to drop out of that one and get in the next auction.

I really love Deal Dash!!!  I love the promotions, support staff, and prompt attention and response to inquiries!!!

Thanks for reading!