loveablenicki DealDash review

Like Kitchen Appliances? You’ll Love DealDash

I have so much fun shopping on DealDash for all kinds of fun and unique kitchen appliances for my home.

So much fun in fact that I’ve now been playing and shopping on DealDash for a few years now and have won so many nice things for my kitchen!!!

At least once A month my fiance comes home and says “That’s new”! It’s almost like a guessing game. 🙂 My big win for the kitchen that I got on is for my new set of pots and pans which I absolutely love! They are Cuisinart 13-Piece Cookware Set, Stainless-Steel and I got them for only $1.79 (normal value about $200). I can tell you they are so nice to cook with. 🙂

Keep reading along to see pictures of my winnings and what else I won but when you have a moment I highly recommend checking out my other article about how I get free DealDash bids each week to help me win more auctions. 

I won my Keurig Mini Brewer ($100 value) for only 1 penny and this K-Cup Drawer valued at $25 for 1 penny as well. Have you tried the Keurig and coffee pods. I can review them with 5 stars – yummy, they are so good! The coffee is awesome and it’s so easy to make and no more coffee grins. 😛

To further add to my kitchen collection of items I’ve won on DealDash, I won two of these Corelle Vive Noir 16pc Dinnerware Set valued at $67 each. One was sold to me at $2.35 the other $0.19. I gave one to my son for Christmas and kept one for my house. They are so easy to clean and dish washer safe.

I love my penny wins!! Every now and again DealDash will pay the cost of the auction when you win the item. When they do this you end up paying 1 penny for what ever you win. This is one of my favorite sales they have on this site because you can follow the auction and as long as you are the last one to bid, you win and don’t have to pay the final selling price. Remember too, if you don’t win you can buy it now and get your bids back plus the item you were bidding on with free shipping. So if you like to have fun while you shop, DealDash is a great place!

loveablenicki DealDash review