What penny auction should you try? DealDash

If you’re thinking about trying a penny auction site and you don’t know what penny auction should you try, do not be afraid to try DealDash. There are hundreds of penny auction sites, most very small and some fraudulent but DealDash is great. They have been in business over 4 years, longer than any others in the United States. I personally love DealDash. Once you understand the bidding game and process, you can win fabulous deals… some for even a penny!

The main concept is to learn about using your BidBuddy because most auctions won are with people using DealDash’s BidBuddy / automatic bidding tool. DealDash also provides an extra cushion of comfort. If you do not win whatever you are bidding on, you can buy it, and YOU GET YOUR BIDS BACK! So, whenever I don’t win I always buy it. This way I am always using what I call free recycled bids to win more auctions.

The wide range of merchandise DealDash offers varies from all types of gift card (including gas cards), perfume, kitchen appliances, electronics like Apple iPads, iPhones and on and on. Just check the website and see for yourself all the merchandise they offer. Also, if something goes wrong, they have the best customer service and shipping department so there’s no need to worry. They will help you.┬áTry it out and you will like it, especially compared to other penny auctions in the market. Just be sure to learn the game first.

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