is Above Par

My husband likes to golf occasionally, but spending several hundred dollars on a set of golf clubs was not in cards for us anytime soon. So whenever he would golf in golf outings at work, he would always have to borrow a co-workers extra set of clubs. I was elated to see golf bags and a couple of clubs coming up for auction on .

The first item that came up was a Odyssey White Ice 4 Putter. I started bidding and to my surprise, I won it for $0.98. The retail price of the putter was $80.00! Then I saw another auction for a Callaway Golf RAZR Stand Bag, which I proceeded to win for $0.36. Since the auction was won during a Free week, I paid $0.01 final price! The bag retailed for $259.00. WOW that was a steal! Finally, I saw one more auction coming up for a Callaway Forged Copper Finish Right Hand Wedge. I knew I had to add it to the bag and putter I had already won. I was fortunate to win it with a $2.02 winning bid. As luck would have it, that auction was won during a 50% off week so I paid only $1.01 for my winning bid. The wedge retailed for $189.00! I was well on my way to building my husband his own set of golf clubs.

I still have more clubs to add, and as DealDash continues to post others clubs to bid on, I plan to slowly add to his collection. A collection he wouldn’t have if not for . When I add all three items together, I paid $2.00 for a gold bag, wedge, & putter that retails for $528.00! He has had the opportunity to try his new putter and wedge and loves them. He has told all his golf partners that his wife won them for him on DealDash. I Love DealDash!!

Won on for 98¢Won on for 36¢Won on for $2.02