A Good DealDash Strategy

What another learning week I had on DealDash.com!  The auctions can be really unpredictable.  You never know what is going to happen or how many bids you will need for any given item!  However, with that said, it really only takes one bid to win. Just scroll the winners list and see for yourself. Here are some examples of recently sold auctions where the winner only placed 1 single bid!

Won with just 1 bid

I won a Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Cleaner last November on DealDash and this has been among my VERY favorite and useful items I won on DealDash.  The list price is $199 but the final sales price I paid was $5.75. I used a total of 174 bids and if you calculate the bids cost of 174 bids at 15¢ per bid that equals $26.10. Add the final sales price of $5.75 and  the total cost is $31.85. However, when shopping on DealDash it’s always possible to collect free bids so I really did not have to pay for all those bids. My husband and I live in Florida and have a large patio and swimming pool so I have used this pressure washer no less than every week for the past eleven months!

Last week I happily decided to empty my in-ground swimming pool by myself.  I wanted to give it a thorough, end-of-summer pressure cleaning. I turned on the cleaner and it operated for about three minutes… and then NOTHING!  Although my husband easily fixed the problem later, I was clearly not a happy camper at the time and could not imagine scrubbing that monstrosity by hand with a hose nozzle.  In the end, the pool was successfully cleaned by my husband with his big gasoline pressure cleaner but now I need a new (easier to handle) pressure washer.

The very next day on 9/30 a friend told me that there was an auction on DealDash for a Craftsman 3000 PSI Pressure Washer (Retail $503).  I saw it and placed one bid while I checked it out and BOOM it sold for $5.74!!!! Then I saw another, even better, cleaner retailing at $915.  I bravely invested 61 bids and then stopped and watched that cleaner sell for $7.28!!!  Obviously, I gave up too soon on both of these and did not stick to the strategy which is to bid on an item up until the equal item value and if I don’t win, use the Buy it Now to get the bids back.

So what am I to do? How many bids do I use on any given item?  There is no pat answer because the auctions are unpredictable. A good DealDash strategy is to bid on items you want or need up until you’ve used the value in bids compared to the item value and then Buy it Now if you lose.  I also do my best to check out the other bidders in any given auction, try to play at the least busy times like the late night, and try to purchase bids whenever they are on sale for 15¢.  I am generally not a very lucky person. I win some and lose some. Key takeaway… you’ll have better chances to win when sticking to a strategy.

What’s your DealDash strategy? Comment below. 

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