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DealDash Frugal Family Road Trips


Family road trips are a popular thing to do in the summer. Here are some tips from DealDash to keep your budget in check.

With summer break quickly approaching you are likely thinking of things to do with your kids. Taking a road trip could be quite the adventure and here are some tips to be able to take a trip like this even if you happen to be on a budget. Here are some tips for a fun family road trip on the cheap, from DealDash.

Bring a Cooler of Snacks and Drinks

Make sure that you take a  — Read full post


Survive a DealDash Family Road Trip with Sanity Intact


Not everyone likes to travel by air. Here are some tips and tricks to have a family road trip from DealDash.

When I was a kid we never went on very many family road trips, I was an only child, so it was easier and more cost-effective to just fly. However, my husband is one of three children, and their method of having a family vacation was the road trip. Read on for more information on family road trips.

Separate But Equal Entertainment

For school-aged children, it’s the best practice to have some handheld games for them in the car.  — Read full post