DealDash Frugal Family Road Trips


Family road trips are a popular thing to do in the summer. Here are some tips from DealDash to keep your budget in check.

With summer break quickly approaching you are likely thinking of things to do with your kids. Taking a road trip could be quite the adventure and here are some tips to be able to take a trip like this even if you happen to be on a budget. Here are some tips for a fun family road trip on the cheap, from DealDash.

Bring a Cooler of Snacks and Drinks

Make sure that you take a cooler full of treats to drink and to snack on during your trip. Instead of packing your cooler with ice that will eventually melt you should freeze half full drinks like juice boxes for a healthy slushie and a great way to keep things cold without having to worry about soggy food or spilled water.

Eat Local

Instead of going to eat at popular chain restaurants go for local fare instead. You will likely find some great places to eat that offer lower prices and larger portions. You can also more often than not find out about fun things to do locally at these local restaurants. Try roadside diners for the biggest and cheapest portion sizes. Some of these types of places serve large enough portions that you can get a couple of meals and have the whole family share.

Bring Entertainment, Don’t Buy it on the Road

Making sure that the kids are entertained in the car is essential to a great road trip. Play guessing games, bring coloring books or a handheld video game or two. Just remember that busy kids are happy kids and keeping them entertained in the car does not need to break your budget. If you are on a long road trip and forget the entertainment, you might be tempted to buy toys and coloring books at the convenience store on the road, and let me tell you, they are not bargains.

Is the Car Road Trip Worthy?

To avoid any expensive disasters while on your road trip you need to make sure that your car is prepped and ready. You need to be sure to do things like put gas in the car and check all of the fluids. That way you will not have to worry once you all are out on the open road.

Thanks for Reading

Planning for a road trip does not have to be a daunting task. You can end up planing a very memorable road trip that will not break the bank so the only thing you really have to be concerned about is having a good time.

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