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DealDash Loves Valentine’s Day 2021

Now is the perfect time to plan for Valentine’s Day! Read these suggestions from DealDash, it will make it easier for you to treat your sweetie on this special day.

Consider this your reminder – Valentine’s Day will be here shortly. We might not get to go out to celebrate, but it can still be a lovely holiday. Here are some tips to plan for Valentine’s Day, from DealDash.

Plan a Special Dinner at Home

To begin with, everyone appreciates a homecooked meal. This is especially true if someone else cooks it. In my house, I cook 98% of the  — Read full post


DealDash Helps you Be a True Friend

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Having friends is a wonderful thing. Here are some tips for how to become a true friend.

Almost everyone has a few friends. There are lots of different kinds of friends – work friends, school friends, acquaintances, best friends, internet friends, casual friends, sports friends, etc. There are many things that you can do to improve your friendships. Here are some tips from DealDash to become a great friend that everyone wants to spend time with and enjoy your company.

Be Available

No matter if your friend lives next door or in a different country, to be a great friend  — Read full post


DealDash Blog: Leaving Things Behind

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Instead of thinking ahead to the new year, and what we will achieve, let’s see what we can leave behind.

Hopefully, all of the DealDash Reviewed readers have had an excellent 2016. I have had a good year, with a few ups and downs, of course. Everyone is thinking ahead to the new year that’s coming soon, and that’s a productive thing to do, but I feel like it’s also important that we think about what we should leave behind with 2016 as well.

I’ve actually had a pretty bad year, health-wise. I had a very difficult labor and birth  — Read full post