DealDash’s To Do List Before You Go on Spring Break


Spring Break is coming quickly. If you’re planning to take any sort of vacation, it’s important that you get things ready. DealDash can help.

Spring break is coming, and if you are going on a trip there are things you need to do now to prepare. Read this article from DealDash, make a checklist, and be prepared!

Don’t Forget Your Pets

Many people wait until the last minute to think of their pets when considering a vacation. Come up with a plan for how your pet is going to be taken care of. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels if  — Read full post

Cleaning and Organizing

DealDash Spring Cleaning Series: The Bathroom


Spring is almost here. Get started on your spring cleaning with DealDash’s newest cleaning series.

Our next installment of the Spring Cleaning series is looking at your bathroom. It’s probably one of the rooms that gets a ton of attention, so it’s likely to need the most help. This is a reminder of some of the deep cleaning that could make your bathroom shine again. Read on for some really excellent cleaning suggestions.

Fresh Linens

Start by going through your linens. No one likes a towel that’s been around for a decade. It thins out and isn’t soft anymore. Let’s  — Read full post

Cleaning and Organizing

DealDash Spring Cleaning Series: The Attic Room


Welcome back to the next room in DealDash’s Spring Cleaning Series: The Attic. Read this article, then get cleaning!

The next in our Spring Cleaning series is the attic. This room probably doesn’t get a lot of use, but it should be cleaned at least once per year. Spring is the perfect time to make that happen. For the purposes of this article, we’re focused on an attic that is another room. Most of what we say won’t apply to an attic that is full of insulation and, essentially, used as storage. Read on for some great suggestions, from DealDash. — Read full post

Lifestyle Outdoors

DealDash Vacay: Planning Your Spring Break


It’s time to start thinking about spring break. DealDash is here to help you plan some ideas.

Spring break is on its way. While we realize that doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, we like to think of it as a good way to reset ourselves and prepare for all that spring has to offer. Spring break is the beginning of budding flowers and trees. It’s the beginning of the warmer weather that we all enjoy. So, we want to focus on a few options that could allow you to enjoy Spring break even more. Read on for some  — Read full post

Fitness Health

Living a Healthy Lifestyle With DealDash


Even though it’s cold outside you can still keep up with your fit and healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to stay fit from DealDash.

If you are like many people you still want to stick with your healthy lifestyle even through the winter. Here are some simple tips that can get you started in the right direction, from DealDash.

Stand More, Sit Less

You should consider doing more standing if you want to keep fit. Studies show that people who sit for long periods during the day are less fit than those that stand throughout the day. If you  — Read full post