DealDash Health: Staying Fit in Chilly Weather


It’s chilly out! Don’t let your guard down, stay fit and healthy even in winter. Here are some ideas from DealDash to help you and your family.

Now is not the time to forget about fitness. No matter what the temperature outside there are easy ways to stay in good health. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep you feeling your best during the colder months of the year. Read on for more information from DealDash.

The Gym is Warm When It’s Cold Out

In winter people tend to slack off on their exercise routines. However, even  — Read full post

Kids and Parenting

DealDash Kids: Fun Places to Go When it’s Cold Out


Depending on where you are, winter might be in full force. It even snowed a bit here over the weekend! Kids still need to play, here are a few ideas from DealDash to help.

As it gets colder out, it can be difficult to find fun activities for your children. While playing in the snow can be fun, it can quickly become too much for your youngsters. We wanted to offer some alternative ideas that can make a snow day perfect. Read on for some great suggestions from DealDash.

Indoor Exercise

If you’re looking to burn some energy, find a  — Read full post


DealDash Ideas to Save on Winter Heat Bills


Winter heating bills can be hard on the budget. Here are some ideas to save on heating, from DealDash.

During the winter many people stay inside unless they are going to work or school.  It is important to stay warm in the winter and protect your body from getting too cold. One of the ways to do that is heating. Heating can become expensive in the winter because your heater continually needs to be on. If you are looking for ways to cut back on your heating expense, here are 3 tips for saving on heating in the winter, from  — Read full post

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DealDash Kids: Winter Break Activities


This week is winter break for kids all around the country. Here are some fun activities to do with your kids, from DealDash.

Winter break is finally here, and you are most likely indoors rather than being outside. Being stuck inside all winter can cause cabin fever especially when children are on winter break. You may have a hard time trying to figure out what activities you can do during the winter. Here are some activities that you can do with kids on winter break, from DealDash.

Winter Arts & Crafts

Is it too cold to go outside? Doing arts  — Read full post

Fitness Health

DealDash Fitness: Tips to Stay Active in Winter


Even though it’s winter you should still try to stay active. Here are some ideas from DealDash to get you started.

There are a lot of things one can do to liven things up and keep themselves active in the winter even if it is a bit chilly outside. The following five suggestions will assist you to have an active winter season and hopefully beat the winter season blues. Read on for some great tips from DealDash.

Yoga or Pilates

Taking a yoga or pilates class at your local health club will help you go out and about. It will  — Read full post