Auld Lang Syne meaning Times Gone By


Auld Lang Syne meaning Times Gone By. This is the feeling I have as a veteran bidder even though I only joined DealDash in 2012.

I have seen other bidders who had their bidder anniversary dates as long ago as 2010, so I certainly can’t count myself in that group of long-timers.

As we learn to bid on DealDash and what types of others are bidding we cannot forget some of the bidders who made us really angry or upset, or the bidder who was relentless and would not quit. These and other types of bidders are what keep us coming back day after day. The hope is the negative bidders or those who make you feel hopeless are not in the auctions at the same time you are. This at least makes you feel like winning is a possibility.

Since DealDash is the most fair and honest deal site there is online it is easier to learn how to bid and what to watch for. There are a lot of tips and advice points on their website that make it a lot easier to learn how to win and what to avoid. There are two ways to identify new bidders: the start date they joined DealDash or the immediate outbidding which they think will make them winners. A little education on the bidding process keeps most newcomers in the game a lot longer than those who know nothing about how the auctions work. 

I look back on 2014 and wonder what happened to some of the bidders who made their presence felt quite strongly and now have disappeared. What happened to these bidders? I could name some user names who made the auctions quite challenging and difficult to win for what I call a “deal”.  While they made the auction wins more elusive, I  will remember them with a smile, knowing the ”beat them at all cost” attitude is not what wins auctions, but education and discipline does.  For “Auld Lang Syne, my friend, drink a cup of kindness . . . . ..