santa and polar bear

It’s beginning to look a lot like a DealDash Christmas

I’m so excited about putting up my DealDash Christmas decorations this year. I have won a few new things to put up in my front yard that have made my house look so festive.

Each item I won I used a different method of bidding to win the items I won and in this article i’m going to share some secretes on how I’ve been successful in winning. Consider this my DealDash Christmas gift/tip to you.

 So lets start here with this Gemmy Christmas Airblown Santa Sitting on Polar Bear Scene which I won for $25.41.

I know what you thinking, that’s a lot of bidding but I actually used less than 50 bids on this win!!! I bid a few times before $5.00 and that allowed me to join back later. I waited until that moment I thought I would be able to win before coming back in. Once the auction hit $24 there were only 2 people bidding and they had been going back and forth for quite a while. Soon after I started bidding, they both quit and I got to see the fireworks!!! I was very excited about my savings on this item 🙂

Buy it Now price: $93

santa and polar bear

I also won my very cute Trimming Traditions 50-inch/150 Clear Light Icy Snowman for $3.33 (Buy it Now price: $80). This one took some determination as I bid for the whole thing but there was very few people bidding on this auction so I thought I would have a great chance to win and sure enough everyone quit and the win was mine. When there is few people interested in the item you’re bidding on, GO FOR IT and DON”T QUIT!!! The difference in this auction and the Polar bear is there were alot of people bidding on the Polar bear and Santa so that’s why I decided to come back later. With the snow man there was just a few people so I made the choice to stick it out and I saved lots of money on this one.

Last and but not least, the surprise win!!! These are my favorite! The National Tree Company Pre-Lit Gold Sisal Gift Box Assortment, Buy it Now price: $78 I won this for ONLY 71 CENTS!!!

Once this auction started I new it was mine, only me and 1 other person using auto BidBuddy and a whole lot of crazy bidders!!! They bid and bid, once I saw I was the last one using BidBuddy, I started jumping their bids and sure thing it only took the clock to run to zero and the item was mine!!! I was so excited to have won all of my DealDash Christmas stuff for my front yard!!

Good luck when bidding on Dealdash and be sure to use your Bid Buddy as it’s there to help you win!!!

By Nicole Kososki ~loveablenicki~