DealDash Beauty: Hair Straightening

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Very few people have perfectly straight non-frizzy hair. Here are the steps to straighten your hair with the least damage.

Many women (and maybe some men, too!) would like to have perfectly sleek, straight hair with no frizz – at least some of the time. However, for many people this isn’t realistic without some work on your part. Here are some ways to straighten and de-frizz with the minimum amount of damage to your hair.

Firstly, when you are in the shower you should use a shampoo and conditioner that has been specifically formulated to promote straight and de-frizzed hair. Words to look for on the bottles are “Straightening” “Sleek” “Smoothing” “De-frizz” . These shampoos and conditioners have ingredients such as silicone that work by weighing down your hair. Using a straightening shampoo and conditioner most likely won’t give you the beautiful smooth hair that you want, but it will get you halfway there. Also, as an added bonus the heavy conditioning agents will help protect tresses.

Next, either spray on a heat protectant or rub on a heat protectant gel. Both are fine choices to protect your hair. I find that the spray is much easier and quicker to put on, but the gel is more through and can work as a leave in conditioner that protects and moisturizes as well.

After you have put on your heat protectant, split your hair into sections and blow dry completely dry with a round brush.

Your hair should be mostly straight and frizz-free by now, it’s time to finish off your look with the flat-iron. Give your hair another spray of the heat protectant, and then use your flat iron to the lowest setting, and increase the temperature as you need it. Higher temperatures cause more damage, so start on low.Fine hair requires lower temperatures, and higher heat is needed for very curly or more coarse hair types.

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