DealDash Bidding Tips and News

Hello all my DealDash friends. My name is Gus but many of you may have seen me bidding on DealDash with the Username of naskippy. I have a new blog that I created in August 2013 simply called DealDashNews which is in support of and the wonders of deals they provide. Yes, I have seen the bashing websites and YouTube posting. But I have also found that most posting this bashing and negative information about DealDash came from new members that signed up and did not know what they were doing or what they were talking about. So I have some advice for new and existing members I would love to share with you here in this DealDash Reviewed blog. There are also some tricks and wise tips I share on my personal blog DealDashNews.

Here are some excellent DealDash bidding tips.

1. Research: Do not get on DealDash, buy your bids and waist them because you failed to do your homework and therefore go into an auction blindly not knowing what you are doing. There are excellent blogs posted here, on the DealDash Official Blog that will help you along my blog DealDashNews. Do yourself a favor and research by reading blogs and watching helpful videos from the DealDash website, and on YouTube.

2. Search and watch for items that you want or need. Do not waist your bids on things you have no use for just for the sake of bidding.

3. Make yourself a budget so you do not overbid or waist bids on an item. Remember that DealDash will most likely have that same item up for auction again soon.

4. Be prepared to Buy it Now: If you don’t win the auction, buy the item you were bidding on, and going to by anyway at a retail store, so you get your bids back to be used on another item in the future.

These are some quick helpful hints for you. But there are many more good ones. I have lots more details on my blog and I am sure there are other blogs and videos that will give some more detailed advise as well. Do your homework!


Keep Calm and Bid On