Penny Auction Scams? DealDash is NOT a Scam

Some time ago I was looking into “Penny Auctions“. I found 6 or 7 and tried each of them. I found that 4 out of the 7 were definite penny auction scams in my opinion. I eliminated them.

Of the 3 left, I eliminated 2 that were in my opinion, if not scams, then poorly run businesses. Either way I deleted them from my penny auction review. I don’t like doing business when I feel it is underhanded in some way.

I was left with DealDash. This is a company I can have confidence in. Don’t misunderstand, they are a “For Profit” organization. They retail as retailers will, with a penchant for profit. In my opinion however, DealDash is a legitimate business doing business in a professional manner. DealDash is not a scam.

Win an auction on DealDash and you will receive your win in a very timely manner. Don’t win, and you have the “Buy it now option” which is a very fair option with very fair prices to buy the item and get your bids back free to try again. Unless there are bids attached at 60 cents each to the auction item I won, I will use the Buy it Now. Hey we all know they aren’t really 60 cents. Generally this buy it now option works in favor of the buyer. In other auction sites, if they have a Buy it Now option there are ALWAYS high priced bids attached to the auction. DealDash attaches extra bids to some auctions, not all, so there’s something for everybody.

Let me mention their customer service. The fact that it exists at all is amazing. The fact that the customer service is excellent is triple amazing! All in all, I enjoy the site, and the idea of bidding with an obviously very well run company. No other penny auction site on my list.