DealDash’s Top 3 Flowers to Plant in the Fall for 2019


Keep your garden beautiful in the fall with these plants that love the fall weather. DealDash has your Top 3 Flowers to Plant in the Fall for 2019.

Fall is going to be here before you know it, and it is time to prepare your garden. When the seasons change, so do the flowers. You can plant beautiful flowers that will add gorgeous colors to your yard. There are many flowers that you can plant in the fall. Here are 3 flowers to plant in the fall for 2019, from DealDash.

Pansies Are Perfect

Pansies are pretty flowers that provide beautiful seasonal color. They are heavy blooming and versatile, and they are one of the best flowers for fall. Old fashioned pansies grow in mounds. The most interesting thing about pansies is that if you plant them during the fall, they will come back and bloom during the springtime.  

Flowering (Ornamental) Kale 

Flowering kale, also known as ornamental kale, is a plant that can last during the fall and brutal temperatures during the winter. It offers beautiful texture and color and can go with any flower. Although you may have heard of the kale that you eat, flowering kale is not made for consumption. It is only planted for its appearance. Flowering kale will give you a colorful fall garden.  

Violas are Vibrant

Violas are charming and cute plants with vibrant yellow color. They have daintier blooms so they can handle rain and other types of weather. Violas are one of the most versatile flowers for the fall because they come in a wide range of colors.  

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Fall is the perfect time to bring in the new season with fall colored flowers. These plants will get you into the fall spirit, and you will have beautiful blooms in your garden. It is important to water these plants on a regular basis and let them get enough sunlight so they can grow. These three beautiful flowers for fall will give you a gorgeous fall garden that will last the whole season.  

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