DealDash Pets: Homemade Toys for Your Cats


Making toys for your cat is easy and fun. Here are some ideas to make toys for your purring companion, from DealDash.

Cats are a wonderful pet to have. They are easy to take care of and can be easily trained. Cats love to discover new things especially toys. There are a lot of cat toys on the market, but it is even more fun to make your own cat toys. Cats can make a toy out of almost anything. DealDash presents 3 homemade toy ideas for your cats.

Paper Rolls as Toys

Your furry friend loves to play with paper rolls. You can turn your toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls into a homemade toy. All you do is roll up some toilet paper and put your cat’s favorite treats in them and fold the sides. You can make the Toilet paper roll more attractive by adding feathers. Your cat will have a great time playing with these unique toilet paper rolls.

Puzzle Toy for Cats

Exercise your cat’s noggin by making a puzzle out of a food container. Cut holes into the container with a knife. Then fill the food container with toys and treats that your cat loves. You can use items that your cat will flip over, such as balls and catnip. After you put in the toys and treats, close the container and let your cat try to get the items out.

A Cat Tent

Cat’s love to hide in different places. Sometimes it may seem that they appear out of nowhere. Creating a cat tent will give your cat a fun place to hide. This toy is easy to make. You use two wired hangers, a medium t-shirt, cardboard, and tape. After you gather the materials you put the tent together. Safety pins will help make the tent last longer. Add a cozy blanket inside of the tent and your cat will be ready for some sleep.

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Having a cat is exciting. There are so many things that you can make for your cat. These 3 homemade toys will give your cat a lot of playtime while you bond with your pet.

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