EMOTION . . . . On DealDash

Driving home from work the other night I was thinking about the bidding I had done earlier in the morning on DealDash.

To be honest I broke one of the cardinal rules of all bidders on penny auctions. I let my emotions take over the bidding process and was angry at all the bidders who just would not leave me alone! When anger sets in you do dumb things, like bid twice as much as you intended to and pay way more for the auction than you should have. Talk about wasted emotions. And, while the emotions have you wondering what is wrong with these people? You realize, hey, I am one of those people!

Imagine my surprise then, when the Bee Gee’s came on the radio singing “Emotion”. How appropriate for where my thoughts were wandering! I couldn’t help but smile because once emotion takes over the bidding, you are already losing. The smart bidder conserves their bids for an auction that is “winnable”, you can’t claim the territory of your auction, it is not YOURS. Just as sure as rain, the auctions comes down to two people who have the desire to either use all of their means to win the auction or just plain get lucky. No one is out to get you and no one (unless they are family) knows who you are.

Take the advice of the other bidders about learning who the heavy hitters are and who to stay away from. We are all in the same boat, the lucky ones only get six wins, and the bullies only get six wins. No more, no less. So go out, sing “Emotion” along with the Bee Gee’s and let that be the only emotion that affects your bidding.

By Joan Vith