Get Crafting with DealDash


When someone says Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet I am betting that they aren’t thinking about crafting.

They are thinking that a Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet is probably meant for the garage, the workshop, or maybe the shed. These cabinets are made tough to stand up to daily use, and they are proudly Made in the USA. When I saw this item come up on DealDash, however, the first thing that came to my mind was CRAFTING!

I absolutely love all forms of crafting, from sewing and embroidery to scrap booking and making jewelry. And as most crafters know, there are so many bits and pieces that come along with crafting it’s hard to keep them all organized. Before I saw the Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet I was keeping all of my crafting bits and pieces in different sized glass jars that I had saved from cooking. This looked very disorganized and messy. So when I saw the cabinet I was SUPER excited, and immediately did a search to see how many were coming up for auction that day.

It’s really easy to do a search, you can just search in the search bar, or you can also browse through the categories if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for. When I did my search, I was excited to see that there were TWO Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet, Silver Gray coming up within hours of each other, and I decided to bid on both to the BIN (But It Now) price, because I really needed both of them. I went ahead and booked enough bids in my bid buddy to equal the amount of the BIN price and hoped for the best.

Well, it was my lucky day! I actually won BOTH of the cabinets, the first for 216 bids, and the second for 124 bids. Both of the cabinets only had a .01 transaction fee and no final auction price, because I was lucky enough to WIN these on a Free Auction Weekend. I love Free Auction Weekends, and I am very grateful to DealDash that they offer them. Happy Bidding everyone!


My name is Dawn and I have been bidding on DealDash for 8 months and I have won over 160 auctions. I also make videos on Youtube. If you are interested in seeing a short video about how to get started with DealDash please follow the link below: