Gift Cards on DealDash

Gift Cards are Versatile and Make Great Gifts


I have won so many nice auctions and especially gift cards on DealDash that now when I have something new my friends automatically say “Let me guess, DealDash?” And you know what? They are usually right!

A lot of times the object in question is not directly from DealDash, but from gift cards that I have won or BINned (BIN or Buy it Now, meaning I buy the item at full price and get all my bids back free to try again).

For example, just the other day, my neighbour was asking me about my bike that I got this past summer. She had seen that I had gotten a new one and wondered where it had come from, she had noticed it since it was such a pretty purple color. The bike was not won directly on DealDash, but was purchased with a few Target gift cards that I had either won or BINned on DealDash.

Another example would be how one of my friends asked me… “Where did Kat’s (my daughter) sweater come from? It’s so cute!” The quick answer would be The Children’s Place, but a more accurate answer would be that it was purchased at The Children’s Place with gift cards that I had won on DealDash.

Gift Cards on DealDash

DealDash has such an amazing selection of gift cards you are sure to be able to find one that you are interested in for yourself or for a gift with the holidays coming up. Just a few of the many options they have are: Wal*Mart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Auto Zone, Footlocker, Amazon, GNC and so many more. The values range from $10 all the way up to $800, depending on which card you are bidding on. And remember, when you are bidding on those high dollar gift cards be sure to set your Bid Buddies, because you will rack up a lot of free bids with your bid meter at the bottom.

The only tip I have regarding bidding on gift cards is be prepared to BIN (Buy It Now), because you will only pay the face value of the card, there is FREE shipping, and you will get every single one of your bids back to use on another auction. I have used this option many, many times. The main trick here is just to bid on gift cards that you know you will absolutely definitely going to use in your daily life. For me that means Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts, for another person it might mean or Auto Zone. That’s why DealDash is so great — there are plenty of options for everyone!

By Dawn Xu

About me: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 8 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 165 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings” on YouTube, see below.