How Moms and Grandmas are Winning and Saving

I think many of the bidders on DealDash would be surprised to find out that the majority of us are female. The majority of the bidders who you think are so aggressive are actually Moms and Grandmas; and they are winning and saving BIG on DealDash!

DealDash has been the most honest site I have bid on since I started bidding on the web a few years ago.  My brother was an advocate of several different penny auction sites, and yet he kept expressing to me that I may want to try bidding on DealDash since there were so many auctions for me to choose from. However, I did not want a case of snacks and/or potato chips, and at the beginning there were a lot of auctions for those types of items.

I decided to give DealDash a go and see what I could win. I bought my first bid pack, 200 bids, which seemed like it should be enough. I had read nothing about how to bid, what the bid buddy was, or any of the tips and suggestions for being successful. I quickly slapped my way through the 200 bids and complained loudly to customer service about how awful I thought the site was. Customer Service at DealDash is the best of any site on which I have bid. They responded very quickly and returned some of my bids to me so I began anew.

Two-plus years later I am a returning bidder every week to try my luck with auctions. My expectations are that I will win an auction, but the Buy-It-Now option (purchasing the item at fair market value and getting my bids back for the item I did not win) is still a win-win since I can bid again with those re-cycled bids. I am only aggressive on auctions when someone slaps me or takes my time off the clock. I do enjoy those fireworks when “Congratulations” comes across the screen, and it is a sense of triumph when I win. I give away a lot of my auction wins and I try to win things with others in mind. I do work full-time, so my bidding time is limited to the early morning hours and evenings. This is a little about me; so who are we?  I think we are all vastly different from each other, and yet have similar goals. Why not tell us who you are?