Kawaii Cooking in Your Cookut Kitchen

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I LOVE things that are “kawaii” (Japanese for cute), and I also love to cook! Cookut puts both of those things together and makes me a happy cook in my kawaii kitchen with Cookut products.

Cookut is based in France and has stores all across Europe, and also a few in select countries including the USA and Hong Kong. Cookut utilizes 9 different designers for its products, and they each have their own unique style and flair when creating the different products. Their brand is new, but they are already gaining respect and recognition in the design world, they are being featured in the 2015 Maison & Objet trade show in Singapore next month.

There are so many amazingly cute and useful products it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight, but we definitely have to talk about their salt & pepper shakers. They are absolutely adorable! They come in fun and colorful animal designs including blue dragon, pink pig, red crab, gray elephant, and my personal favorite, purple elk. They also have the same animals available in egg cups, egg timers, and bottle stoppers. They are so useful and kawaii that I wish I could get the whole set of each animal, but I’m not really sure why anyone would need multiple egg timers.

Another super cute thing that Cookut offers is multi-colored ceramic knife sets. Cheap ceramic knives are easy to find, but these are of exceptional quality and are fairly priced. They come in a beautiful range of colors including purple, baby blue, gray, green, and more. These knives are sturdy, and even though they are cute don’t be afraid to use them regularly, they are durable. If something were to happen they even have a TWO year warranty! That’s a very generous time frame in case you get a little too rough with the knives.

Cookut Knives

Cookut actually offers a two year warranty on almost every single product that they sell, the only exceptions that I was able to find were the case that the knife set comes in, and the coating on the pans does not fall under the warranty if you happen to use a metal utensil and scratch it. This is definitely a very fair offer, and you should be able to try Cookut products resting assured that they are good quality and have the warranty to back it up.

I like my home and especially my kitchen to be unique and custom in every way. That’s why I love Cookut, because I know that if I were to peek into every kitchen on my block I bet no one else would have any of these amazing and smartly designed products. It seems like every time I have someone new come into my home they are always interested in my kitchen because I have so many unique yet useful things.

If you would like a little whimsical fun and originality in your kitchen you’ll be happy to know the new Cookut products will be available on DealDash soon.