DealDash Baby Shower Gifts

My DealDash Baby Shower

As I was sitting at my computer, bidding on a baby shower gift for a coworker, my daughter informed me she would be having a baby shower for one of her friends. Since her budget was slim {TO NONE}, she asked me if I could try to win her some baby gifts to give her friend. Of course I could ! Since Dealdash allows you to search by Categories { dropdown arrow to the right of Browse Categories, under the Dealdash Banner}, I went right to the Toys, Kids & Baby Category to begin my search.

I scoured the pages of auctions for just the right items. Since she knew she was having a boy that she would be naming Christian, I ruled out anything pink ! I decided to try for the Bright Starts Jammin Jungle Activity Gym, retailing for $33.00. My winning bid came in at $2.20 and I used just 25 bids. I always buy my bids as low as possible {watch for Dealdash’s many specials on bids} so @ .15 per bid, my total investment was $5.95.

Next on my list was an adorable Disney all in one, My Friend Pooh Swing. Retail value $94.00. It took me just 26 bids to win, with my winning bid being $1.29. Total out-of-pocket, $5.19. Third item I went for was the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer / Blue, retail value $60.00. Using 28 bids, I won this item for $1.22, final out-of-pocket spent, $5.42.

I was careful to find items that could be used for different stages of Christian’s growth, so the fourth item I set my sites on was the Fisher Price Luv u zoo Jumperoo with a retail value of $85.00. I used 65 bids to reel this item in and paid just $1.92  FREE. Another wonderful DealDash promotion is the Free week. All winning items cost you just a $.01. So instead of paying $1.92, I paid $.01, making my total investment $9.76. Last but not least, I wanted to get her some Baby Bottles, so one of the upcoming auctions was for the Tomy Infants 10 piece Baby Bottles, valued at $33.00 . I won these for $2.88 using 75 bids. Total cost of $14.13.

DealDash Baby Shower Gifts

Recapping this Baby Shower, I won 5 Baby items , using 219 bids, $7.60 total winning bids, equaling a total out-of-pocket $40.45 !! If I had bought these items out in the store, I would have spent $305.00 !! That’s a whale of a savings !! Thank You DealDash !! She loved every gift. Her beautiful baby boy arrived safe and sound !!

About me: I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012. I have won over 225 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}.