Stay Covered With the NuVue Bug Shade Cover

The NuVue Bug Shade Cover makes it easy to manage keeping out of the hot sun and reach of bugs.

It’s a 22” by 28” cover and the filter is perfect for letting just the right amount of sun through during mid-day hours. The NuVue Bug Shade Cover is great for blocking out insects as well as pests. The cover includes 4 ground spikes and is easily set up within minutes of opening the package. You’ll be glad when you have the bug and sun cover in the hot summer months and fall when pests are buzzing around the place.

NuVue Bug Shade Cover

The NuVue Bug Shade Cover is also perfect for protecting your plants from direct sunlight and unwanted pests as well. It’s the ideal way to protect from insects like aphids, grass hoppers and fruit flies. The cover is portable as well so you can easily move it from area to area without much fuss.

One aspect of the NuVue Bug Shade Cover that is highly attractive is the fact that you can water straight through the mesh screen. It works great for taking care of your plants and is one of the easiest ways to keep pests at bay. There are no hard to read instructions for setup and no heavy parts. This truly is the ideal plant cover and you can pick one up at an incredible price on DealDash.

A lot of plants require special attention, perfect temperatures and unique exposure to sun. With the NuVue Bug Shade Cover you’ll be able to cover all your bases so to speak and take care of your plants the way they’re supposed to be taken care of.

NuVue Bug Shade Cover

You’ll never have to worry about infestations, burning from the sun, or birds getting into your fruits and veggies. Even ground squirrels are kept at bay with the NuVue Bug Shade Cover. To get one of these awesome garden tools and begin implementing the protection it provides, head over to DealDash and start placing bids right away. In no time at all you’ll be able to set it up and take care of your plants. And remember that DealDash always provides a 100% money back guarantee.