DealDash promotes education through it’s Auctions

My youngest daughter is currently a Sophomore in college. Because she loves to read, I thought it would be nice for her to have a Kindle. DealDash just happened to be having a mega book reader auction blast. What luck! There were 40 auctions, all starting at the same time for various book readers. I knew my daughter really wanted a book reader so I put a bid on all 40 of the auctions, then decided which three or four I would invest in. As the auctions went along I noticed that I was bidding with several of the same  — Read full post

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What penny auction should you try? DealDash

If you’re thinking about trying a penny auction site and you don’t know what penny auction should you try, do not be afraid to try DealDash. There are hundreds of penny auction sites, most very small and some fraudulent but DealDash is great. They have been in business over 4 years, longer than any others in the United States. I personally love DealDash. Once you understand the bidding game and process, you can win fabulous deals… some for even a penny!

The main concept is to learn about using your BidBuddy because most auctions won are with people using DealDash’s  — Read full post


DealDash Auction Advice

When I first started bidding on DealDash over a year ago I thought it was just like other penny auction sites, bid fast, bid often and win. Well DealDash does not work that way. To win an auction a bidder has to have the knowledge of who is bidding and if they have their bid buddy set. Isolate your auction by clicking on the one you are wanting to bid on, then see the avatars pop up. The more avatars there are the more bidders you will be bidding against.

Take your time to watch the auction, determine how many  — Read full post


A years experience Deal Dash review with 160+ auction wins!

I began bidding on Deal Dash just over one year ago. In fact, I registered on October 25, 2012 and what an amazing journey it has been winning over 160 auctions to date. It all started when the color on my TV went out.  Not being able to afford a large size TV for the living room I thought I would try Deal Dash.  I wanted to make sure I started properly so I read all the rules, hints and suggestions first.  Then I started off by bidding on smaller items and worked my way up.

I made sure to  — Read full post


Christmas Shopping and Gift Giving with DealDash

I love giving gifts; especially gift cards! They are small, flexible, can be very valuable and my kids always love them which is why I routinely give gift cards to my family members each Christmas to various retail shops, restaurants, and other fun places. Last Christmas, I was able to provide everyone with at least 4 gift cards that I had won on DealDash.com!

I started my winning spree with a $25.00 gift card + 30 free bids to IHOP for 0.67! Since I have a husband, 3 daughters, a son-in-law and a grandson, I knew I would need to  — Read full post