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Joining a Penny Auction Site? Why DealDash Is The One

A lot of people are curious and wonder if they can really win items on penny auctions like Having money to buy bids, or a credit card to use for bids does not make you a winner on penny auction sites even the best sites like DealDash.

All penny auction sites want you to buy bids and “try it”. Many sites give you incentives to buy bids and promise you an auction win on your first bid pack purchase. Other sites will give you your bids back if you don’t win. But notice the key word is bids back not cash back. So before you start bidding take some advice from an experienced bidder on how you can be successful on your first or second try and have a good understanding of how to win auctions.

Always do your research on the site! You have to know what auctions are selling for. Who are the bidders? How many bids did it take to win an item? How much do bids cost and how it works? Are you a gambler, or are you just looking for a little diversion and a chance to win something for yourself or your family? is the most fair penny auction site. Having been through many penny auction experiences, I know that Deal Dash offers the most variety of auctions at one time, the best customer service, and free shipping. The shipping is Freaky Fast! Two days to receive almost all items I have won. They also offer the buy it now feature which lets you buy the item you were bidding on and you get all of your bids back free. This is unusual for a penny auction site, but DealDash has made a great decision to allow bidders to get back in the game by purchasing the item they tried to win. You can bid again!

Set your limit on how much you want to spend. Place your first bid. Look at how many other bidders there are and get tips to help you boost your winnings. If there are 30 or 40 bidders in the first two minutes of your auction, this may not be the auction for you. The more bidders, the higher the price, and the greater competition. DO NOT SLAP other bidders. DealDash bidders earn free bids on their own clocks, you will too. But if you slap others, they do not get their free bids and you end up spending way more bids than necessary to try to win the auction. Stick to your plan, watch and learn others and you will find Deal Dash is the right site for you! Happy, lucky, bidding!

By Joan Vith