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DealDash has a Fun Email Trick

Image result for emailDid you know that the first email was sent 45 years ago?! Here is a fun tip to get the most out of your email experience.

It’s true, the first email was sent by an engineer named engineer Raymond Tomlinson on Wednesday June 8th, 1971. Raymond Tomlinson has been credited with inventing email, and I’m sure that we are all grateful to him! Sadly, he passed away this past summer, but his email legacy lives on. Here is a fun tip that will ensure that your email will be read instead of ignored.

I was recently browsing my email inbox, and came upon a very fun email from my local craft store, and in it’s subject line was an emoji! Up until this point I had never seen (or maybe never noticed) any pictures in my email’s subject lines, and I was intrigued. After a little poking around I figured out how easy and simple it is to jazz up your email subject lines with pictures. Surprisingly, there is actually no trick at all! Just think of the emoji that you would like to use, find it with an internet search, and simply highlight it with your mouse, and cut (CTRL C) and paste (CTRL V)! Here are a few fun emoticons, you can cut and paste them right from this article!

???? ??????

Speaking of computer-related fun, have you downloaded the DealDash app for your smart phone? If you’d like to be able to browse auctions, buy bids, bookmark auctions, bid on items, and set or revise BidBuddies, you need the DealDash app! The app is 100% free and available for both Android and Apple smartphones.

Here is the Android version on Google Play –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dealdash&hl=en

Here is the iOS version in the App store –https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dealdash/id965782383?mt=8

I hope that you have found this article helpful. Once you start adding pictures to your email subject lines your friends will always be waiting for the next email so they can see what you chose to spice up your subject line!

After you’ve sent out all of your emails, head on over to DealDash. DealDash has all of the latest and greatest technology up for bid. Just click this link right here and it will take you to DealDash to browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

I am originally from North Carolina, I moved up here to Massachusetts in 2004, so you would think that I would be used to the weather by now! However, every time the weather turns cold I dread the ice and the snow. Luckily, Dealdash offers some awesome winter products, including Snow Joe!

The first product that DealDash offers that’s great for the winter is probably the most obvious– The snow blower! There are a few different brands, but the one that I think that I see come up most often is the Snow Joe brand. There are a few different varieties of the Snow Joe, but the one that I think I see come up most often is the 18” electric snow blower. 18” is a great width for a snow blower– It’s wide enough for a sidewalk or walkway, and perfect for a small to medium size driveway. It’s the perfect size because it takes much less space to store than one of the wider ones, yet it still has a lot of snow clearing power. This snow blower has a 13.5 AMP motor, which translates into being able to move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute! Can you imagine how much your back will thank you when you use this snow blower from DealDash?

Another great winter product that DealDash offers is ice scrapers with brushes for the car! I have no idea how, but it seems like I misplace my ice scraper every year or so and need to get a new one. It was time to get a new one this year, and I was so happy that I started seeing them come up for bid on DealDash last month. The one that I got was the Hoppy Ice Crusher Extendable Snow brush, and I have used it a few times since it arrived. It breaks up the ice really well, and the extending brush is really great for shorter people (like me!) to be able to brush the snow off of the top of the car. I am really very happy with it, it feels very sturdy and works well. Dealdash also offers a smaller scraper, made by Snow Joe, that has a brass blade and is compact and perfect to stash in your glove compartment for when you need it.

These great winter products come up pretty often on DealDash, so my best advice would be to do a search for the winter product that you are interested in and hit the blue “Alert Me” button at the bottom of the product screen, and DealDash will send you an email when there is one coming up for bid soon. That way you will know when they are coming, and you can go book your Bid Buddy! Good luck Winning some great winter items!

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

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Stubborn DealDash Bidders = Overbidding

I know we have all seen DealDash auctions that last days upon days and we wonder how many bids has each bidder used.

Most of the time it’s two bidders who have been in since the beginning of the auction. I figure they have been trying for that item for sometime and decided “today is it.. no backing down this time”. The problem is if two bidders have that same philosophy, that will surely become a train wreck.

I recently witnessed such an auction. I have wanted to win that elusive projector I can’t seem to win, so I enter every auction I come across for one. I usually bookmark the auction, bid till I win or decide I have used enough bids, then watch to see how much it went for. This particular auction had been going on for over 24 hours so just out of curiosity I decided to log onto All Penny Auctions when it existed to dig deeper into how many bids the two bidders had each used. I know for a fact both have been in it from the get go and to my surprise, each had used 3400 + bids. WOW On APA you can open the auction and see how many bids each current bidder has used and how much they will “save” if they win. Both bidders have spent so many bids they are now in the “bidder loses” category! Let’s just add that up for a second and see. 3400 x 0.15 = $510.00 each. The projector retails for $600.00.

I would be very upset with myself if I lost that much money and had nothing to show for it in the end. I just hope the “loser” uses the BIN although at this point I believe if that happens, the loser is actually the Winner!

By Kim Finnegan

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DealDash Bidders

Two Kinds of Bidders to Avoid

DealDash Bidders

Before bidding in any auction, it is important to watch other DealDash.com customers, become familiar with various screen names and know how they bid. If you do that, you will save lots of bids and greatly improve your chances of winning.

As a long-time DealDash.com customer, I learned never to get into the same auction as certain other bidders. Two kinds of bidders I try to avoid are: Bidding Addicts and Wealthy bidders

Both kinds of bidders are easy to recognize. They are the ones who consistently overbid the value of the auction item, no matter how much it costs them and they are the ones who take the “deal” out of DealDash.com.

Bid Addicts

Many customers will even tell you in their bios that they are addicted to DealDash.com and cannot stop bidding and some of them mean it. Just like someone addicted to alcohol or drugs, true bid addicts consistently prove they cannot stop bidding. If you get into the same auction with someone like this, you cannot win without going into the red yourself. Bid addicts often bid two, three or even four times the value of the item they want, and they do not care how much money they lose. If we compete with a bid addict, we cannot win.

Wealthy Bidders

Wealthy bidders have an endless supply of bids and an endless supply of money to buy as many bids as their hearts desire, so it is probably a good idea not to bid with filthy rich bidders either.

Who are they? Engineers, doctors and lawyers usually spells “money” and they often include that information in their bios. I also try to avoid bidding with people from Texas because I noticed they, too, seldom stop. Why? I do not know for sure, but Texas might be another way to spell “oil well” and “oil well” again might spell “money.”

Bottom line

To successfully bid and win on DealDash.com it is important to watch and learn how to avoid bidding with bid addicts and wealthy bidders who never stop until they win.

By Barbara Sellers

DealDash Customer Reviews

Joining a Penny Auction Site? Why DealDash Is The One

A lot of people are curious and wonder if they can really win items on penny auctions like DealDash.com. Having money to buy bids, or a credit card to use for bids does not make you a winner on penny auction sites even the best sites like DealDash.

All penny auction sites want you to buy bids and “try it”. Many sites give you incentives to buy bids and promise you an auction win on your first bid pack purchase. Other sites will give you your bids back if you don’t win. But notice the key word is bids back not cash back. So before you start bidding take some advice from an experienced bidder on how you can be successful on your first or second try and have a good understanding of how to win auctions.

Always do your research on the site! You have to know what auctions are selling for. Who are the bidders? How many bids did it take to win an item? How much do bids cost and how it works? Are you a gambler, or are you just looking for a little diversion and a chance to win something for yourself or your family?

DealDash.com is the most fair penny auction site. Having been through many penny auction experiences, I know that Deal Dash offers the most variety of auctions at one time, the best customer service, and free shipping. The shipping is Freaky Fast! Two days to receive almost all items I have won. They also offer the buy it now feature which lets you buy the item you were bidding on and you get all of your bids back free. This is unusual for a penny auction site, but DealDash has made a great decision to allow bidders to get back in the game by purchasing the item they tried to win. You can bid again!

Set your limit on how much you want to spend. Place your first bid. Look at how many other bidders there are and get tips to help you boost your winnings. If there are 30 or 40 bidders in the first two minutes of your auction, this may not be the auction for you. The more bidders, the higher the price, and the greater competition. DO NOT SLAP other bidders. DealDash bidders earn free bids on their own clocks, you will too. But if you slap others, they do not get their free bids and you end up spending way more bids than necessary to try to win the auction. Stick to your plan, watch and learn others and you will find Deal Dash is the right site for you! Happy, lucky, bidding!

By Joan Vith