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DealDash Experiences: Scenic LA Helicopter Tour

If you’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter, now is a great time. See the beauty of California with a helicopter tour.

Imagine soaring over Los Angeles in a helicopter. You can see the Hollywood sign, the Pacific Ocean, and all of Southern California’s natural beauty from an entirely new perspective. This is what DealDash Experiences has to offer with the scenic helicopter tour for two! Read on for some interesting information about scenic helicopter tours, from DealDash.

Win a Scenic LA Helicopter Tour on DealDash

Have you ever ridden in a helicopter? No?  — Read full post

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Developing DealDash for the Better

Developing DealDash

I have been bidding in auctions and shopping with DealDash since mid-September 2013, 10 months. In that time I have been successful in adding items to my life that I enjoy as well as providing gifts for family and friends from

The changes to the main screen are very helpful in that we can see the items we are bidding on and what is coming up soon. There are a few more changes I would also like to suggest to the DealDash team.

1. Please devise a sign / alert that would pop up when a bidder reaches the  — Read full post

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Joining a Penny Auction Site? Why DealDash Is The One

A lot of people are curious and wonder if they can really win items on penny auctions like Having money to buy bids, or a credit card to use for bids does not make you a winner on penny auction sites even the best sites like DealDash.

All penny auction sites want you to buy bids and “try it”. Many sites give you incentives to buy bids and promise you an auction win on your first bid pack purchase. Other sites will give you your bids back if you don’t win. But notice the key word is bids back  — Read full post