Developing DealDash for the Better

Developing DealDash

I have been bidding in auctions and shopping with DealDash since mid-September 2013, 10 months. In that time I have been successful in adding items to my life that I enjoy as well as providing gifts for family and friends from

The changes to the main screen are very helpful in that we can see the items we are bidding on and what is coming up soon. There are a few more changes I would also like to suggest to the DealDash team.

1. Please devise a sign / alert that would pop up when a bidder reaches the item value based on bids used only. The language could be ‘Your bids at .15 each now equal the retail value of the item you are bidding on’. This reminder could help all bidders not over-spend and bring awareness to the Buy it Now option to get back the bids.

2. Please show the date the bidding occurred on all the screens available on ‘My Dashboard’. Going back to check my orders on ‘My Dashboard’ having the date will help me gauge when I may expect to receive the item.

3. Please show the number of bids used on the ‘won auctions’ screen in addition to the amount paid. When I want to know how well I did, it helps to have all the information on one screen. Something similar to the information on the ‘Buy It Now’ screen found in the Dashboard.

Thank you Deal Dash for considering these, if implemented they could help all the bidders have a better experience. What do you think? Comment below!

By Shirley G

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