The Marketplace – A New DealDash feature!

DealDash has continued to expand and today that includes
“The Marketplace”

What is “The Marketplace”?

It’s a place to Earn FREE BIDS while selling things you no longer need.  

It reminds me of a flea market but instead of walking around for hours looking at all the things for sale, its online… Everything up for grabs is in one convenient place and easy to see.   It is a place where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate a price (In Bids) for items that are New or Gently used and no longer needed. 

When you shop at the Marketplace, everything  — Read full post

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Lost The Auctions Did Not Get Bids Back…Why?

Hello DealDashers!  Today we are going to address another common question frequently asked by new DealDash members.

” I did not win and did not get my bids back… why?”

When bidding on DealDash, regardless of whether or not you win or lose, no one gets their bids back automatically,  so using your bids wisely is very important.  You must formulate a good strategy so you are not furiously wasting your bids.  Once you use a bid it is gone.

There is, however, one way for you to get your bids back.  If you lose the auction and you  — Read full post

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Don’t forget to PAY for your WON & BIN items!

Check your Dashboard Often!

It does not matter if you have Won or Lost, this one simple task of paying for a win or to get your bids back can be forgotten.  I can’t say this happens to everyone, but it does happen and Yes.. I’ve done this big boo boo before!

Forgetting to pay for your won items is something you just don’t want to do.  Not only will you NOT get the item but your bids will not be refunded to you either.  It’s your responsibility to remember to pay DealDash for the items you won.   They won’t  — Read full post

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Newbies on DealDash – What you need to know

I’m a huge DealDash fan and have been lucky enough to win several auctions while having a great time doing it. There are some very important “tips” I think new “bidders” should know about before jumping right into an auction. First of all, everyone loves DealDash, but the people who REALLY love DealDash know how to play the game. DealDash.com is an online retail site, however in my opinion a gambling game; just like being in a real auction.

DealDash Newbie TipsSo Newbies, remember these tips:

• If you’re bidding on something worth $10, don’t spend $9 worth of bids to win  — Read full post

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Entertainment Shopping at it’s Best!

I Love “Bidding For Deals”….  You can too!

If you could shop for products you would normally pay full retail for, but could get them for up to 90% off, would you?    I bet the answer to that one is YES!

Well I do, and so do many others just like me.  Before I buy anything extra for my family, I always check DealDash first to see if they have what I’m looking for or something similar. I know I’ll have a better chance at getting it cheaper than driving down to the mall to buy it.

The major  — Read full post