Simplify Things with DealDash

There’s just something that feels great about getting rid of items you don’t need anymore. DealDash has some suggestions for you.

From old cardboard boxes that your packages came in, to clothing that doesn’t fit anymore, it feels wonderful to get the extra things you don’t need out of your life. Simplifying your life can help reduce the level of stress you feel when you look at a cluttered home. Below you will find some pointers that can help you simplify things, from DealDash.

Simplify Things in the Bathroom

To start out with, a great place to begin to simplify things is in the bathroom. Most people have way too many hair, bath, and makeup products. Now, if you use all of your items regularly – this tip isn’t for you. This is directed towards the person who has three different types of shampoo in the shower, a box full of makeup they thought looked good in the store but not when used at home, and the person with 27 white bath towels.

The first step of this is easy – find all of the expired products, and throw them out. Next, find all of the items that you tried once or twice, and know that you will never use them again. I know it’s frustrating like you’re throwing away money, but if you aren’t ever going to use them you might as well throw them out so you can free up extra space. Finally, look at the items that you have left. Double-check that they are things that you are fairly sure that you will use, and put them away. Ahhhh, doesn’t it feel good to throw out things you will never use again? If you’re unsure about expiry dates, the website Clean My Space has an excellent article on cosmetics and toiletry expiry dates.

Simplify Things in the Kitchen

Next, another great place to simplify things is the kitchen. Just like the bathroom previously, your first step in the kitchen is to throw out anything expired. Next up, look through the food and take an honest look at it – how long has it been since you bought it, why haven’t you eaten it? Did you give it a taste and not like it? Why are you still keeping it? If it’s not expired and still sealed, put it aside to give to the food pantry. If it’s been opened, throw it out.

After you have taken care of the food, let’s tackle your cabinets. Do you have lots of items such as free promotional cups? How about sippy cups and bottles even though your child is in 3rd grade? How about plastic silverware from getting take-out? All of these items are ready to be tossed out or donated. Do you have any small appliances like mixers or toasters that you just don’t use taking up space in your cabinets? It’s time to donate them! If you haven’t used them in the past year or two – you probably don’t actually need them.

Simplify Things Online Shopping on DealDash

Finally, simplifying things doesn’t always mean throwing things out or donating them. Simplifying can also mean saving time and effort on things in your life. A great way to simplify your shopping experience is to shop online. A wonderful place to get your online shopping done is DealDash.

DealDash has everything you need for both inside and outside your home up for auction. If, when simplifying things, you realize that you are missing a key piece to help you feel great about your home, check DealDash. In the Home, Garden, and Tools category you will find everything from home decor to kitchen items such as stand mixers and wine openers. You will also get free shipping on every single item!

Thanks for Reading

We could all use a little stress reduction, and simplifying things is a step in the right direction. These suggestions will help you get started in simplifying your living space. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on simplifying things in your life.

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