Stay Scheduled in Summer with DealDash

It’s not too late to make a summer schedule for you and your family. Get started today for a more organized tomorrow.

Staying on schedule is important, even in the summer. Maybe even especially in the summer, so you don’t waste a single moment! While it can be tricky to manage with all the fun activities, DealDash is here to help. Let’s dive into some tips to keep your family organized and calm throughout the summer months. Don’t delay, begin today! Read this blog post for some excellent ideas from DealDash.

Preparation Makes Summer Easier

Just for starters, a little extra planning at the beginning of summer can make a big difference for a stress-free season. Start by creating a family calendar to map out all your upcoming activities. Include everything from vacations and day trips to summer camp schedules, playdates, and extracurricular practices.

Making a summer calendar helps you know what’s coming up and which days are free for more spontaneous activities. Hang the calendar in a visible spot so everyone in the family can see it. If you have multiple children, consider using a dry-erase calendar board and assigning each family member a specific color. This makes it easy to see who is doing what each day at a glance. Additionally, cross-post your family activities onto a digital calendar as well. This way you can consult the family activity calendar while you are out and away from home. There are many choices out there, but the Cozi Shared Family Calendar is my favorite. Check it out and get started!

Incorporating Fun and Learning at Home

Summer is also a great time to balance fun and learning right at home. Plan a mix of educational activities and leisurely fun to keep your kids engaged and entertained. Consider setting up a reading nook where your kids can escape into books during hot afternoons. You can also introduce weekly family game nights or craft days to keep things exciting.

Another great idea is to set up a mini home library or a creative corner with art supplies – or both, why choose? This encourages creativity and keeps their minds active even when they’re not in school. Integrating these activities into your daily or weekly schedule helps maintain a routine and adds structure to the day, making the transition back to school in September go more smoothly.

Get Organized with DealDash

A well-organized home is crucial for keeping your stress levels down during the busy summer months. Additionally, a well-organized home looks great and can boost everyone’s mood. DealDash is the perfect place to find all the organizational supplies you need. Whether you’re looking for cabinets, bins, or bookshelves, DealDash has a wide variety of options to help you keep everything in order.

Visit the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash to find amazing deals on items that will help you maintain an organized and tidy home. From storage solutions to shelving units, you’ll find everything you need to create a functional and organized space.

Thanks for Reading

While unstructured days can be a nice break, maintaining a few routines over the summer will make your family’s life easier and more enjoyable. Structure and consistency are especially important for kids, helping them feel secure and in control. Get your children involved with the family calendar so they can see their activities and look forward to upcoming events. If you have a few non-reader little ones, be sure to get a collection of stickers that they can use to represent important days.

Thank you for reading this DealDash article on organizing your summer schedule. Use these ideas to plan your summer schedule and get organized with items from DealDash. Have a great summer and happy bidding everyone!

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