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circut Expression 2 Teal

Cricut Crafting Machines Available on DealDash

I love all things creative, from sewing to embroidery to scrap booking to painting. Scrap booking is something that the whole family can enjoy, and I am very hopeful that my kids will be crafty, like Mommy. DealDash has the tools to help me succeed with that goal.

You may have noticed that DealDash has kid’s craft sets from time to time, some of the sets I have seen are The ALEX Toys Loop ‘n Loom weaving kit, The Sew Cool Machine, The Knitting Machine Set for Kids, and many more. This is great for a crafty Mommy, because sometimes it’s hard to show kids how to be creative with adult craft supplies. With these fun kid’s kits it’s much easier to get them started.

circut Expression 2 Teal

Another thing that I am really excited that DealDash offers is die cutting machines. There are three machines in particular that DealDash offers, two of them are made by the Provo Craft company, called Cricut machines. There is the Expressions 2, and also the Explore that I have seen offered on DealDash. These are very expensive machines, The Expressions 2 goes for $241, however the last time that it was offered on DealDash was November 26th, and the final auction price was only $3.04, and the winner actually only had to pay a 1 penny transaction fee, because it was offered on a Free Auction Weekend. The other machine that has been offered a few times on DealDash is the Brother ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine, which goes for a whopping $491! However, I have seen this machine have a variety of final auction prices, the lowest of which was only $4.05!!! All of these machines are great quality scrap booking and home hobby cutting machines, and I am lucky enough to own the Cricut Explore. I am definitely looking to expand my collection to include the Expressions 2 the next time it is offered up for bid.

The last crafty thing that I would like to bring to your attention that DealDash has quite frequently, and that is both sewing and embroidery machines. DealDash has quite a few different models of Brother sewing machines up for bid, two of the ones that I see most often are the Brother 17 Stitch Machine, and the Brother 20 Stitch machine. I personally was lucky enough to WIN the Brother 20 Stitch sewing machine just last week for only $14.06! That was a great WIN for me, because my old sewing machine is really on it’s last legs! So thank you DealDash, you saved me from having to spend full price on a new sewing machine!!

If you are interested in WINning any of these great creative products I would suggest to you that you do your research before you bid, and figure out exactly how many bids that you are willing to spend on each item. Once you figure that out you should book your Bid Buddy and let it do the work for you. It’s really the best feeling to book your Bid Buddy and come back to find out that you have won. Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone.

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

DealDash Free Bids

New To Bidding? Stop Single Bidding And Use BidBuddy

DealDash Free Bids

Time after time, I see DealDash bidders jumping in immediately after someone places a bid (call it Bid Stomping if you will).

As one of my DealDash strategies I will often count how many different bidders are actively pursuing whatever item I am bidding on at the time. Usually it never fails that there are 6, 8, or even 10 different bidders in an auction, yet someone chooses to bid after each bid placed. I wonder if they know they can’t outbid the Bid Buddy?

Nine times out of ten, when I look at the Bidder who is jumping in after every new bid (Bid Stomping) I see it is a new bidder who has just joined DealDash within the last few days or weeks. Keep in mind if there are even just 6 different bidders who have each plugged 20 bids into their Bid Buddy, that’s 120 of their bids against 120 of the Bid jumpers/stompers bids. This is because they bid after every other bidder and automatically are going to be outbid by the next persons Bid Buddy. These “Bid Stompers” usually do not ever win the item.

Although it’s possible the auction perhaps ends a little earlier by jumping, it doesn’t happen that often; especially on big ticket items. I wish newbies would take the time to observe a few auctions and learn what it’s all about before storming into multiple auctions and outbidding everyone immediately. Most seasoned bidders are going to sit back and watch you spend 6 times more bids than they do and when you are “done”, they will swoop in and claim the prize. I was a newbie once but I was raised knowing a fool and their money are soon parted and Mama didn’t raise no fool !! I admit, it is getting harder to win with all the new bidders joining but I manage to still win a few auctions. Do your homework and stop wasting your bids and others bids. The Bid Buddy places your bid at the final second of the auction and will help conserve your bids. DealDash says the majority of auctions are won with the help of the BidBuddy.

How to access BidBuddy? Click auction on front page to open the auctions main bidding page

DealDash Bid Buddy

Hope this helps, good luck !!

DealDash Tip Use BidBuddy

Lean On A Buddy… BidBuddy

DealDash Tip Use BidBuddy

I’m learning that bidding on DealDash is not just about luck… but a lot about timing. The right time to buy bids, the right time to use them, and the right way to use them.

Bidding when you are on a limited budget is tricky business so you want to make educated decisions when you spend any money. Recently I decided to take a risk and try for something about 4 times more expensive than my usual limit. Keeping in mind that if I really wanted the item I would need to have the money to pay to get the win. I also was hoping for a fabulous DealDash win that I could brag about.

I knew exactly what I wanted and having done my research, I knew what it had sold for during previous auctions. I knew that personal previous auction wins usually happened at a certain time of day for me and that distractions are best kept to a minimum.

Limiting myself to spending no more than $5.00, for an item that retailed for $150.00, I watched the auction action for a few minutes. When I saw that only 10 people were participating, I was confident that I had found the perfect opportunity for me. I waited until just three people were actively bidding before I placed my first bid and then set my BidBuddy. As I watched the auction for a few minutes and saw that the price was up to 96 cents, I also noticed that another bidder had joined the auction so that there were now four active bidders. Wanting to conserve my bids, I cancelled my BidBuddy, with the intent of going back in when there were just three other bidders. Yes indeed, I had a plan and was sticking to it!

Now, as I sit here without my $150.00 pans, I am acknowledging that I blew it. The very next bid brought the price to 97 cents, and that was the winning bid! You see, I’m not crazy; it is possible to pay less than $5.00 for a 12 piece set of cookware. I did however, learn a lesson… there are times when you really should… “ just let the BidBuddy do its thing”.

– marysbear

T-Fal Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set Discount Sale

Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping

I have had a lot of experience with DealDash. I have learned a lot about winning and it does have a lot to do with patience as Terry B. explains in his article Patience ❤︎ Patience ❤︎ Patience.

Using the BidBuddy and having lots of patience are very important in winning. I also like to put a few bid on lots of different auctions because sometimes auctions will come around where you just get really blessed and the auction will end early and fast! Sometimes by just placing 3 or 4 bids would land me an easy win.

Before you ever start bidding, I suggest to look at the winners page and find out the names of the bidders that bid a lot of bids. Plus studying the winners page can give you an idea on what type of items sell at lower prices and what items will likely require you to bid a long time to win. If you want to be sure to not lose money, only bid on items you can afford to do the buy now on if you don’t win. That way you get the item in the end and all your used bids back. Dividing the cost of the item by approximately 15 cents per bid will give you an idea when it’s a good time to stop bidding and do the buy now.

How many bids should I use before stopping and using the Buy it Now to get bids back? Let’s take a look at an example of a $50.00 item and dividing the cost of the item by $0.15 per bid.


In this example, stopping around 333 bids is a good idea because otherwise you’re likely going to overpay for your gift card. Remember you also have to pay the final sales price of the item so it’s good to calculate that cost as well.

DealDash can be a great place to get great deals, if you are smart about your bidding. Get in at the beginning of the auction and see who all is in the auction with you. Once you know who the big bidders are, you will get an idea of how high the auction price will go. Most important is be considerate not to do what is called stomping on others bid time, or the other bidders can get mad at you and bid more than normal just because they wont want you to win. Remember everyone gets credit while they are high bidder that goes towards earning free bid rewards. So bidding right after another bidder can cause some hard feelings. The only time I bid quickly is when I am wanting to get the price to the $5 cutoff period / No Jumper Limit to prevent other bidders from joining. Hopefully other bidders understand me bidding quickly then. Sometimes I mention it in my profile comments so other bidders know that I plan to quit bid stomping once it gets to $5.00.

From DealDash’s Biggest Fan: BigDaddy33

animated movies

Christmas Holiday Shopping Break Over | My Bidding Strategy

animated movies Now that the Christmas Holiday has passed, it is time to slow down and take a break from shopping on DealDash…..OK break over!

I am already starting to bid for next years Christmas gifts. I got such a late start bidding on last years Christmas, I fell short of what I wanted to win so when I saw the Philips Portable DVD Player with 9-inch Display coming up for auction, I knew my 5 year old grandson would love watching his favorite animated movies. He has quite a collection of DVD’s at his disposal and this would be great for him to watch those on and use while he is in the car on short trips.

Since you never know how many other bidders are interested in the same auction you’re planning on bidding it, I use the bidding strategy where I plugged in several bids into my BidBuddy then sat back and watched the auction run. A good DealDash tip is to use the BidBuddy as this is the best way to place your bids because it always places them during the last second of the auction. Therefore if someone else is placing manual / single bids their bid will be placed before yours and you conserve bids. In this auction I only ended up needing 7 bids to win and my winning bid was at just $0.28 ($100.00 retail}. With the super fast and free shipping that DealDash offers, it was here in a few days. I am off and running…after all… Christmas is only 10 & 1/2 months away!

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