DealDash Tip Use BidBuddy

Lean On A Buddy… BidBuddy

DealDash Tip Use BidBuddy

I’m learning that bidding on DealDash is not just about luck… but a lot about timing. The right time to buy bids, the right time to use them, and the right way to use them.

Bidding when you are on a limited budget is tricky business so you want to make educated decisions when you spend any money. Recently I decided to take a risk and try for something about 4 times more expensive than my usual limit. Keeping in mind that if I really wanted the item I would need to have the money to pay to get the win. I also was hoping for a fabulous DealDash win that I could brag about.

I knew exactly what I wanted and having done my research, I knew what it had sold for during previous auctions. I knew that personal previous auction wins usually happened at a certain time of day for me and that distractions are best kept to a minimum.

Limiting myself to spending no more than $5.00, for an item that retailed for $150.00, I watched the auction action for a few minutes. When I saw that only 10 people were participating, I was confident that I had found the perfect opportunity for me. I waited until just three people were actively bidding before I placed my first bid and then set my BidBuddy. As I watched the auction for a few minutes and saw that the price was up to 96 cents, I also noticed that another bidder had joined the auction so that there were now four active bidders. Wanting to conserve my bids, I cancelled my BidBuddy, with the intent of going back in when there were just three other bidders. Yes indeed, I had a plan and was sticking to it!

Now, as I sit here without my $150.00 pans, I am acknowledging that I blew it. The very next bid brought the price to 97 cents, and that was the winning bid! You see, I’m not crazy; it is possible to pay less than $5.00 for a 12 piece set of cookware. I did however, learn a lesson… there are times when you really should… “ just let the BidBuddy do its thing”.

– marysbear

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