DealDash Still Exercises in Winter

The weather might be getting cooler by the day, but we still need to exercise. There are plenty of options, let’s explore!

Great Ways to Do Exercises During Winter

Winter can be a difficult time to stay active. The cold weather and shorter days make it tempting to curl up on the couch and binge-watch your favorite show. However, there are actually many ways to do exercises during the winter months. One option is to take advantage of the winter wonderland by going for a hike or a walk in the snow. Not only will you get some fresh air,  — Read full post

Pets and Animals

DealDash Pets: Leash Walking for Large Dogs


Teaching a large dog to walk on a leash can be a little more difficult. Never fear, DealDash is here with tips for walking a large dog on a leash.

Teaching your large breed dog how to walk on a leash is very important. It will stop your big dog from pulling and tugging on the leash while you are walking him.  Putting your large dog on a leash will keep him by your side while also giving him enough room to roam around. Training your dog how to walk on a leash can be a difficult task, but these  — Read full post

Fitness Health Wellness

DealDash: How Does Exercise Help Depression?


Can exercise help depression? You bet! Here is more information from DealDash.

Exercise is great for your body and soul. Getting into motion triggers a series of reactions in our body that results in a multitude of benefits, such as protection against heart disease, improvement of our respiratory capacity, and many other wonderful benefits. One of these other benefits is relief from depression. DealDash has more information for you, read on to find out.

Psychological Effects of Exercise

As for its psychological effects, intense exercise causes our body to release endorphins. If you aren’t familiar with endorphins, they are a  — Read full post