DealDash: Quarantine Got You Cooking?


Surprisingly, this time during quarantine is the first time that some people have cooked for themselves. DealDash is here to share some tips to the beginner cook.

I have heard from quite a few people online that this is one of the first times that they have really tried cooking something other than pasta or freezer meals. Many of these people are busy professionals that eat many meals at restaurants instead of cooking. Now that we are all home it’s the perfect time to learn how to cook. Read on for some suggestions for the beginner cook, from DealDash.


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DealDash Kids: Tips for Studying at Home


When kids are doing schoolwork at home concentration is very important. DealDash has some tips for concentration while studying at home.

Staying focused is a key part of being able to do schoolwork at home effectively. Taking some time to practice focusing can be a helpful exercise for the mind. It’s very important for a child to be able to concentrate if you want them to be successful when they study. Here are some suggestions from DealDash.

Tips for Concentration and Focus at Home

  • Set up a dedicated study area. The study area must be quiet and without distractions such
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DealDash Kids: Tips to Make the Most of the School Year


By this time your child should have already started school or will be starting next week. Here are some tips to help them make the most of the school year.

It’s important for kids of all ages to have a great school year. However, sometimes it is very difficult for younger kids to have a great school year. These kids are complete “newbies” at knowing what to expect from school. Here are some tips to help younger kids get settled and more familiar with what they should do to help themselves have a fun and educational school year. Read on  — Read full post

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DealDash Helps Your Child Get Over Test Anxiety


For many kids, school is open, or will be very soon. With school comes tests, and with tests can come anxiety. DealDash has some tips to help.

With school back in session, your child will soon be taking tests. Unfortunately for many kids tests bring about a huge amount of anxiety. There are a variety of reasons why kids suffer from test anxiety so you want to help them as soon as you discover the issue. Here are some ways to help ease test anxiety in your children, from DealDash.

What’s the Problem?

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Kids and Parenting

DealDash Kids: Get Them Back to School Successfully


All parents want their kids to be successful at school. Here are some tips from DealDash to help them on their way.

School either has started or will be starting soon. Parents want to be sure to help their kids make the transition back to school as successful as possible. Here are some tips to help make the start of the school year as successful as possible for your children, from DealDash.

Ease Their Fears

You want to take the time to help calm any fears that your child may be having with going back to school. If you have  — Read full post