DealDash: Quarantine Got You Cooking?


Surprisingly, this time during quarantine is the first time that some people have cooked for themselves. DealDash is here to share some tips to the beginner cook.

I have heard from quite a few people online that this is one of the first times that they have really tried cooking something other than pasta or freezer meals. Many of these people are busy professionals that eat many meals at restaurants instead of cooking. Now that we are all home it’s the perfect time to learn how to cook. Read on for some suggestions for the beginner cook, from DealDash.

Read Cookbooks Online

Firstly, learn about different styles of cooking is a great place to start. Normally I would suggest either browsing your local bookstore or going to the library, but in these times, ebooks are best. Consider the styles of cooking that you want to learn about and find cookbooks that offer recipes that cover those styles. There are lots of great free cookbooks online, and many local libraries also offer an ebook lending program. Look for books with recipes that are easy to follow. This is so you do not get discouraged when you’re cooking.

Is Your Pantry Stocked? Try Grocery Delivery

You’ll also want to look in your cabinets and pantry to see what you have available. You’ll want to double-check to see if you have everything that you need noted in the recipes you want to cook. If you don’t have the needed ingredients, you will have to make a shopping list. Typically this is when you would take your list to the grocery store. This is still an option, of course, but in these times you might want to try grocery delivery instead. Most big chain supermarkets offer this service. There are also many different delivery services that offer a “no contact” grocery delivery to your porch.

Having Trouble? Video Chat a Friend or Family Member

Finally, if you find that you still need help in learning to cook the recipes you have chosen, you should ask for help. Gone are the times when you can invite a friend or family member over to help. However, you can easily video chat with anyone in the world! You can use FaceTime on your phone or tablet, or any number of programs on your computer. You can even use a “virtual assistant” that has a screen to chat with friends and family far away. Don’t be shy, video chat a friend and ask for help.

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Thanks for Reading

If you’re a beginner that is wondering how to get started learning how to cook it is a perfect time! If you are stuck at home anyway, you might as well learn a useful skill. Soon, with some practice, you will be preparing delicious meals. Who knows, you might even cut down on eating at restaurants even when we are able to go out again!

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