DealDash Dives Into Music Festivals Summer 2024

What’s your favorite style of music? I like just about all of them, and there is a music fest for everyone! Have fun at a festival this summer.

Summer is the season of music festivals, bringing together fans from all over to enjoy live performances in unique settings. Whether you’re into rock, electronic, country, or indie, there’s a festival for you. From city parks to deserts and beachside escapes, these festivals offer unique experiences that go beyond just music. Here are some of the best music festivals happening this summer. Check out this post with DealDash and dive into some  — Read full post


DealDash Upgrades Your Life

DealDash Life

Are you living your best life? Why not look at things differently and see if you can give yourself a bit of a life upgrade with tips from DealDash.

Sure, I’m sure that your life is pretty awesome. But what if you could change just a few little things and make your life even better? What if those things were so small and simple that you barely realized that you were making changes, yet your life seemed to get better and better all the time? Here are some of those tiny changes that you can make to give yourself a  — Read full post


DealDash Helps: Become a Great Listener

Are you the person that friends and family turn to when they need someone to listen to their concerns? If not, maybe you need a little help in becoming a good listener.

Sometimes your good friends or family might need someone to listen to them, they might be having a problem at work, with another family member, or just be feeling a little down. Being a good listener is a wonderful skill to have, it can help you personally as well as professionally if you become known in your circles for being the person to talk to when problems arise.  — Read full post