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DealDash Reflection: Creating a Family Memory Book

Now that we are enjoying the last few weeks of summer, it’s a good time to make a family memory book. This way you can remember all the fun times you had with your family this summer.

Summer is often filled with memorable adventures, from family vacations to lazy afternoon picnics at the local park. As the season draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to capture those memories in a tangible way that the whole family can cherish. Creating a family memory book is not only a fun and creative project, but it also offers a beautiful way  — Read full post

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DealDash Crafts: Create Scrapbooks With Your Kids


People of all ages and skill levels can enjoy scrapbooking. Here are some ideas to think about when you are creating a scrapbook with your kids. Read on for more information from DealDash.

If you are looking for a meaningful craft to do with your kids you should most certainly consider making scrapbooks with them. There are so many great reasons as to why you should start making scrapbooks with your kids. Scrapbooking is a great way to bond with your kids, and you won’t even have to spend a lot of money, either!

Preserve Family Memories

Scrapbooks are a  — Read full post

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DealDash Tips for ScrapBooking With Kids


Forget making scrapbooks of your kids, make them with your kids! Here are some tips on getting started, from DealDash.

Making scrapbooks is an enormously popular pastime that you should definitely do with your kids. There are so many different things that you can do with a scrapbook. So just why should you try making a scrapbook with your kids? Lots of reasons! Here are a few from DealDash for you to think about.

Get Creative!

Making a scrapbook with your kids will allow them to be creative. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to scrapbooks  — Read full post


DealDash Crafts: Scrapbooking Memories


Scrapbooking is fun for the whole family. Here are some ideas from Dealdash to help you with scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is a fantastic pastime for those looking for a fun way to preserve memories. One problem that you might have with creating a scrapbook is that you can have a difficult time coming up with ideas for your projects. Here are some ways that you can get ideas for new scrapbooking projects, from DealDash.

Browse the Internet

You can look on the internet for new ideas for scrapbooking projects. You are going to find that the internet will be a huge  — Read full post