Cleaning and Organizing Seasonal and Holiday

DealDash Helps: Organize Your Gift Wrapping


Black Friday is almost here, and that means lots of wrapping! Wrapping gifts is fun, but it can be tricky to get organized. Don’t worry, DealDash can help.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but the process of getting ready for the holidays can be pretty chaotic. Things go more smoothly when organized. Below is a quick summary of an organized way to keep your gift wrapping simple. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Storage Solutions

Preparation is half the battle. I use old wrapping paper tubes to hold my unused wrapping paper together. Using it as a  — Read full post

Crafts and Sewing Home

DealDash Helps: Organize Craft Supplies


Crafting is a very popular hobby these days. However, all of those supplies can be messy. Here are some ideas from DealDash for organizing your craft supplies.

All my life I have wanted a dedicated craft room, and when we built our house a few years ago I got my wish. However, now that I have a craft room things get messy very fast. That’s why it’s quite important to make sure that your craft supplies are neat and organized. Here are a few ideas from DealDash to help you keep things organized.

Use Bookshelves for Craft Organization

Bookshelves are  — Read full post

Cleaning and Organizing Kids and Parenting

Organizing Your Kid’s ToyBox the DealDash Way


If you have kids, then they probably have tons of toys. DealDash can help tame your kid’s toybox. Here’s how.

Kids love to play with toys, and sometimes it can be hard to organize all of their toys. You are probably tired of stepping on your kid’s toys when they leave them lying around their room. No matter how old your child is, every parent wants to know how can they organize their kid’s toys. Organizing your kid’s toys do not have to be difficult. Here are some tips to put your children’s toys in order, from DealDash.

Declutter Your

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Kids and Parenting Lifestyle

DealDash Kids: Child Development Through Crafts


Even though doing crafts with your kids is very fun, it can offer surprising benefits. Read on for information from DealDash regarding the child development benefits of crafting with your kids.

Almost all kids enjoy doing various types of crafts at some point in their lives. You should definitely encourage your kids to do crafts early in their lives. Surprisingly enough it will have several benefits in their overall development. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from having your kids do crafts, from DealDash.

Develop Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

Crafts will assist in developing your  — Read full post

Budget/Frugal Kids and Parenting

DealDash’s Handy Uses for Old Containers


Repurposing old containers is not only good for your wallet it’s good for the environment. Here are some handy tips from DealDash to repurpose old containers at your house.

If you are like most families you will likely have some empty plastic or glass containers. Some of these might include baby food jars, Tic-Tac boxes, parmesan cheese bottles, lunch meat boxes, and prescription bottles. The great news is that you can turn these boxes and bottles into some cool crafty items. Your kids would love to help with a project like this, so get them involved. Here are some tips  — Read full post