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DealDash ABC's Basics of How DealDash.com works

Michael Jackson and Bidding on DealDash

I was thinking about the ABC’s of bidding and the 1,2,3’s of what not to do when bidding to see if I could educate the new bidder a little better. For some reason Michael Jackson’s song came to mind.

The “A” stands for Auctions, the “B” stands for Bids, and the “C” stands for Cost. DealDash has so many auctions to select from that a new bidder should have no problem deciding which one to get started with. The Bids come in packages from 200 to over 1,000. Buying bids on sale is really the only way to go. With bids being offered for 15 cents from time to time a smart bidder will only buy bids on sale. This way, if you spend 100 bids or $15 to win a $25 item you are really a “winner”. And, the Cost of an item is the amount of bids you put on an auction, plus if you win, the final price you will pay for the auction. Remember, there are NO shipping charges on DealDash, unlike other penny auction sites.

# 1: DON’T be in a hurry on DealDash.com!

If you do not have the patience or time to watch an auction and bid, then you are simply throwing your money away.

# 2: You must NOT slap bids at auctions or other Deal Dash bidders.

The timer is there to help all bidders earn free bids. Let the timer work for your benefit as well as other bidders. Free bids are a great reward for bidding on DealDash, let everyone get in on some free bids.

# 3: DON”T spend more than the item is worth to get the “win” on DealDash.

Paying $14 for a $10 gift card is crazy. I actually won a $10 gift card for $14, having put on the bid buddy and leaving the site. After all the slappers and over-bidders got done, I won the card for a few bids! I am grateful that DealDash lets you turn your win in for bids, which is what I chose to do.

I have watched a new bidder this week who has become an incessant slapper. This bidder will eventually think about their penny auction experience on DealDash and blame everyone else for their lack of good and genuine “wins”. In reality, if this bidder had done his homework, he would realize jumping on every bidder costs him 5 times what it cost everyone else and even if he did win, he would be losing a lot of money.

I could name other countless tips to use while bidding on auctions, the best advice is use the BidBuddy. You set how many bids you are willing to pay to win the item and watch the auction. The BidBuddy prevents you from over-spending your bidding budget and also keeps you in the game. Watch auctions, learn what techniques others use, and you will be a “winner” on DealDash. Last of all, DealDash offers you the buy-it-now option. You get the item you were trying to win, you get ALL of your bids back and you get to try your skill at another auction. DealDash is a great site to bid on, learn and enjoy the fun of being a competitive bidder! Happy Bidding!

By Joan Vith

DealDash Bidding Tips

6 DealDash Bidding Tips To Help You Win Auctions

I’ve been a conservative recreational bidder, winner and shopper on DealDash since 2011. I’ve won approximately 50 auctions and used the BIN (Buy it Now) on approximately 50 auctions.

Here’s an example of one of the large TV’s I won on DealDash at 54% off retail price.

LG TV WON On DealDash

Here are 6 bidding tips I recommend to follow to help you win more auctions when bidding on DealDash.com.

1. Try bidding on something that you want which is of lower value at first and would buy anyway even if you did not win.

2. Place a bid on the item to “get in the auction” and then watch how the auction unfolds and how the bidding action takes pace. The reason you have to “get in the auction” is because on DealDash all auctions close to new bidders that did not place a bid before the auction reaches the $5 No Jumper limit. This helps keep reduce the amount of competition in the auctions.

3. If you notice that way too many people are bidding in the auction, it may be a good idea to wait until the same item comes up for auction again.

4. Know what the item you are bidding on is worth and how many bids it makes sense to use in the auction. Also see these other articles: Part One: Computing Bidding Cost and Part Two: Bidding Strategy

5. If you decide to bid, use the BidBuddy! You can always cancel your BidBuddy and the unused bids are returned back to your account or you can add more bids to the BidBuddy at anytime.

6. Be prepared to Buy it Now and get your bids back in case you lose the auction. This is a smart way to bid and keeps you from having to purchase more bids.

Choose to follow some of these bidding tips for a better shopping experience on DealDash.com!

– sgtfn2

DealDash Tips

What To Do When Many People Are Bidding

DealDash Tips

Here are a few DealDash bidding tips and strategies to keep in mind. Follow some of these basic steps when trying to win the more expensive items and when there are many people bidding in the auction.

1. Make sure you get a bid in before it gets to the $5.00 range.

Why? DealDash has No Jumper™ Auctions.

The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00.

2. Keep watching the item to see when the amount of bidders get less.

No sense in bidding while you can see several others are bidding; especially if you can tell they are on their BidBuddy.

3. Occasionally put in a few bids, but not many. Save your bids.

This helps you keep a pulse on the auction and how it’s developing.

4. Be aware that sometimes bidding can go on for more than a day.

With a high value item; be prepared to follow, watch and study the auction as it’s possible to go on for more than a day.

6. Once the bidding is between two and three people, starting your bidding.

Once you see the auction calm down to just a few bidders, make your move.

Hopefully the other bidders are almost depleted of bids and you have yourself a winning outcome. This process has worked for me on several occasions, but not all which is why it’s good to also be prepared to use DealDash’s Buy it Now option. If you don’t win the auction, you can buy it at normal price to get the bids you used in that auction back. The Buy it Now option is available for a full 7 days so you have a good amount of time to decide, even though it’s good to make this decision before entering the auction.

– dondra48

Watching DealDash Auctions

Observations From The DealDash Sidelines

Watching DealDash Auctions

I have been watching DealDash auctions for the past couple of weeks, participating in a few, but trying to figure out the best system to aid in winning.

A few observations I’ve recently noticed:

  • $10 Burger King gift cards – closing over $8.00 not counting the number of bids the winner had to place. I have closing costs of $9.95, $9.79 and $9.05. Where is there a deal in that? I give up on bidding on those for now.
  • New bidders seemingly do not equate bids with money. They waste bids, run up the cost for everyone and do not allow the clock to run down so everyone can earn free bids. If you look at the most frequent bid jumpers and see the date they joined it is normally within the last few days.
  • High value item auctions can go for days. The auctions eventually get down to 3 or 4 bidders in sequence. Once the auction closes I will check AllPennyAuction.com and most of the time, the last bidders will have come close or gone over the value of the item itself. I really question the math ability of some.

I come at this entire venture from an accountant’s point of view. If I can get an item for no more that 25% of value (bids & final cost combined) then I know I got a bargain. The most I will go is 50%. So anytime I see something I want, I figure what my max will be, enter the fray and watch what happens. If I see it will go for more than I am willing to spend I leave.

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I know that there is no way for DealDash to monitor or shut down abusive bid jumpers, but I can hope that someday, DealDash will set something up so that when a person joins, they must view all the hints and tips, plus suggestions from this blog, before they can bid on anything. At least they will read what is said on the various methods of bidding before they start.

I will keep watching and taking names so I know if a name pops up in something I am bidding on, I may just leave and wait for the item to come up again.

Happy bidding everyone, and lets be successful!

watch and learn

3 Tips To Become A Winner On DealDash

watch and learn

Having been a bidder on DealDash for about 1 ½ years, I have learned some interesting things from other people by just watching the auctions. Here are my three tips to become a winner on Deal Dash!

My first DealDash tip is: DO NOT become a bid stomper.

Bidding quickly against other bidders really wastes your own bids while others have their bid buddy set. If you do not isolate your auction you cannot tell who has the bid buddy set and who is just bidding occasionally. You’re also taking away from others trying to collect time as highest bidder in order to reach the next level and claim their free bids rewards. By stomping on their bids quickly preventing them from collecting time and ultimately free bids; it may create some resentment.

2nd Deal Dash Tip: Isolate your auction so you can see WHO is bidding and HOW

By isolating your auction you can tell who has their bid buddy set. Someone who has a bid buddy set bids after 9 seconds, not 5,6,7 or even 8 seconds; but always 9 seconds. This tells you who has pre-determined how many bids the auction is worth to them and booked bids in the bid buddy.

3rd Deal Dash Tip: Use the buy-it-now option when you have not won the auction.

This is probably the best feature Deal Dash offers. The buy-it-now allows you to redeem the bids you spent on the auction and you still get the item you were bidding on. I love using the gift cards I have won and bought.

We all want to win and getting a deal is really what we are hoping for, but when the auction goes on long, it is always good to know you can buy it now and bid on a later auction. Good luck Deal Dashers, it really is a fun way to spend your time!

By Joan Vith

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