watch and learn

3 Tips To Become A Winner On DealDash

watch and learn

Having been a bidder on DealDash for about 1 ½ years, I have learned some interesting things from other people by just watching the auctions. Here are my three tips to become a winner on Deal Dash!

My first DealDash tip is: DO NOT become a bid stomper.

Bidding quickly against other bidders really wastes your own bids while others have their bid buddy set. If you do not isolate your auction you cannot tell who has the bid buddy set and who is just bidding occasionally. You’re also taking away from others trying to collect time as highest bidder in order to reach the next level and claim their free bids rewards. By stomping on their bids quickly preventing them from collecting time and ultimately free bids; it may create some resentment.

2nd Deal Dash Tip: Isolate your auction so you can see WHO is bidding and HOW

By isolating your auction you can tell who has their bid buddy set. Someone who has a bid buddy set bids after 9 seconds, not 5,6,7 or even 8 seconds; but always 9 seconds. This tells you who has pre-determined how many bids the auction is worth to them and booked bids in the bid buddy.

3rd Deal Dash Tip: Use the buy-it-now option when you have not won the auction.

This is probably the best feature Deal Dash offers. The buy-it-now allows you to redeem the bids you spent on the auction and you still get the item you were bidding on. I love using the gift cards I have won and bought.

We all want to win and getting a deal is really what we are hoping for, but when the auction goes on long, it is always good to know you can buy it now and bid on a later auction. Good luck Deal Dashers, it really is a fun way to spend your time!

By Joan Vith

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