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DealDash Helps: Soothe Those Muscles

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Here on the blog we often talk about the importance of exercise to be healthy. However, sometimes your muscles can really hurt afterwards. Let’s see what DealDash can do to help.

Exercising is definitely a huge part of being healthy, but if you’re a little out of shape like most of us, the day after a hard exercise can feel a little rough on your muscles. There are quite a few different ways to help soothe your aching muscles, here are a few different ways that you can help yourself feel better.

Surprisingly, a little bit of light stretching and exercise can help soothe your sore muscles the next day. The trick is to get increased blood flow to the area, that will make you feel better. This is because research has shown that increased blood flow speeds delivery of nutrients to damaged muscles, which in turn makes your muscles feel better faster than not doing anything to help yourself.

Most people are familiar with heat therapy. Warm temperatures such as those from warm water of a heating pad can increase the blood flow to sore muscles and make you feel a lot better very quickly. Soak in a hot bath, or even better a hot tub. If the pain is more isolated to a particular area, then apply heat directly to the spot that’s giving you trouble. There are many affordable peel-and-stick heating pads available at your local pharmacy. They are great because they can stay in place for hours and are thin enough to wear under clothing with no one being the wiser to your toasty secret.

Lastly, hand-held massagers are great, and massage chairs are even better! Massage chairs were introduced to the consumer market in the late 1980’s. They are designed to imitate the motions and techniques of an actual massage artist, and the massage chair is designed to relieve stress, tension, and alleviate back pain. I absolutely love massage chairs, and I am quite pleased that DealDash now offers different types of hand-held massagers and massage chairs.

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DealDash Avoids Damaging Exercise

Everyone talks about how healthy exercise is for your body. However, did you know that there are some exercises that can damage and age your body prematurely?

When someone says “exercise” you probably picture someone in the gym in excellent health, as fit as can be, and enjoying the activity. This is only one side of the coin, though, because believe it or not exercise can harm your body and age you prematurely if you aren’t careful and aware how you are treating your body.

For example, if your favorite workout includes exercises that put a lot of strain on your shoulders such as overhead presses with free weights you might want to limit them or do alternate exercises as you age, because rotator cuff injuries, torn tendons, and other shoulder injuries become much more commonplace. Alternately, you might want to try a lower weight but more reps. This will still give you a great workout but reduce the chance of a shoulder injury.

Another workout that you might want to limit is HIIT (High-intensity interval training), even though it can provide you an awesome workout it can put a lot of strain and wear on your body. If you insist on doing HIIT, then try to limit it to only a couple of times per week with a few days in between sessions to let your body heal itself.

Speaking of putting a lot of strain and wear on your body, exercising strenuously every day can be counter-intuitive, because before long you will most likely suffer an injury and have to wait days or weeks for it to heal. It’s wonderful to want to move your body every day, try alternating cardio, weight training, and something as simple and easy as walking or riding your bike every day.

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