1-800 Flowers | Gift Baskets, Spa Packages and More

Have you heard of 1-800 Flowers? Not too long ago DealDash began auctions for the 1-800 FLOWERS gift cards.

The available gift cards are in the $25, $50 and $100 price range. With auctions available on these cards, I thought it would be interesting to see what types of items are available besides the commonly expected floral arrangements. A family owned business, 1-800 Flowers has a 100% Smile Guarantee. The owner and founder, Jim McCann, began the business with his first store front believing that customer service and bringing smiles to those who receive their gifts is what the business should be all about. There are now locations throughout the United States, but one of the easiest ways to shop is on-line.

While you might think about floral arrangements, 1-800 Flowers also offers an array of items, like gift baskets, candies, spa packages and more. Their belief is if the customer calls with a concern, then the whole company is concerned and wants the customer to be happy so they will go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.

The 1-800 Flowers Gift Card offers shopping at 6 different companies. These include: Harry London Chocolates, Fannie May Candy, The Popcorn Factory, Cheryl’s, 1-800 Baskets.com and the 1-800 Flowers site. Your gift cards can be used in the stores where available, on the telephone, or on-line. Online shopping offers a huge selection of flowers, candies and gifts. The selection for some of their gift baskets is going to make shopping for birthday gifts and special occasions much easier this year.

While DealDash offers the cards in different denominations my first win was for a $50 card. Anytime you can win a $50 gift card for less than $20 I think it is a  bargain. These are the kind of deals we seek on DealDash when we begin to bid. Knowing I am going to be able to send beautiful flowers and amazing gifts to my family and friends in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Jersey makes me really happy I am shopping on DealDash. Thanks DealDash for offering such awesome gift card options!

1-800 Flowers Gift Cards

1-800 Flowers Gift Cards