Get in Touch with iTouchless

Do you have that one friend or relative that makes you take your shoes off at the door, follows you around with a dust buster when you’re eating something crumbly, or is constantly washing their hands after they touch just about anything?

I admit it, that’s me! I’m a germaphobe, and I’m not ashamed. You can imagine my distress when my kids don’t bother to use the step to open the garbage can, but instead just lift the lid with their hands! Well, that’s where iTouchless comes in to calm my nerves. iTouchless, as you might imagine, is a garbage can that’s lid lifts automatically when you put your hand within 6” of its sensor, and making me very happy.

iTouchless has a variety of different garbage cans for different needs, the particular model that I have is the IT13RX. The IT13RX is a 13 gallon can with a square opening that is 11.75”, which is large enough to hold a pizza box. It’s a beautiful stainless steel design that matches all of my other kitchen appliances and fits right in.

iTouchless Trash Cans

iTouchless also makes a round version of the 13 gallon can, as well as a smaller 8 gallon can. iTouchless even makes robotic vacuum cleaners and UV sanitizers for toothbrushes, yet more items that are great for your germ-killing frenzies.

You might not believe it, but iTouchless has actually been around for 15 years. Even though they have been around for over a decade they are always coming up with new and interesting products. They are currently developing a product that unlocks your door with a fingerprint instead of a key! Isn’t that one of the most innovative things that you have ever heard? Me too!

If these iTouchless products sound like they would fit in at your house, you’re in luck! DealDash offers all of these products and more. If you just do a simple search and type in “iTouchless” in the search bar all of these great products will pop up and you can choose which ones that you would like to set an alert. When you click the “Alert Me” button DealDash will send you an email when they are coming up for bid. That way you’ll never miss a product that you are interested in. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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