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Game Shopping Chess DealDash

Know Who’s Won What Deal Dash

Game Shopping Chess DealDash

A great tip for Deal Dash bidders, is to know who has one the “BIG” item you may have your eyes on.

This goes right along with knowing who the bidders are in the auction. Taking the time to go through and see if the “big bidders” have won a particular item could help you win it for a great price.

This is how I was able to win my first big item, which was a $500 Nikon digital camera with camera lenses. I was browsing the camera web page and I came across this Nikon camera which had actually been featured as a prize on Deal Dash since May of 2013. Looking through the winners list, I saw a lot of the “big bidders” had actually won this camera, which made them ineligible to enter the auction for a chance to win it again. It was a Deal Dash One Per User auction.

Great news for me! I used the bid buddy, and booked 50 bids into it. The auction did not go on for long, because I ended up winning the camera for $1.42 and only used 13 bids. I got the $500 camera for under five dollars, because I took the time to get to know the bidders, and waited until they won the item. This made it much easier, and cheaper to have a great win.

Cheap Nikon Camera DealDash

I won this Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 55-200mm Lenses with 13 bids and final sales price of $1.42 on

Written by Erica Baughman



SodaStream On DealDash

A Well Deserved Win On DealDash

After I purchased the SodaStream Genesis Soda Maker for $105.99 using the Buy It Now option on DealDash. I received my 474 bids back which I invested $85.32 in bids so really the SodaStream only cost me $20.67.

Deal Dash auctioned off a tray to keep the SodaStream organized.

I happened to be on Deal Dash one day and won the Mind Reader All-In-One Storage Tray during a free auction win sale. I needed a place to organize my SodaStream with all of the various flavors that I have. I don’t recall how many bids I used but I’m certain it wasn’t over priced but in the end I was able to win this at a bid of $3.50 but only had to pay that fabulous price of $0.01 plus Free Shipping. This win was very useful because as you can see from the video the storage tray really helps to keep the SodaStream and falvors organized to help prevent a cluttered counter top.

DealDash Tips To Friends

I have never been disappointed with any of my Purchases or wins at DealDash and I recommend it to all of my friends with the following rules to follow.
  1. Don’t stomp my bids.
  2. Patience is a virtue to winning auctions on
I also always show them my wins and tell them “See how much you can save” on; after all it really is the fair and honest penny auction site.

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About Me
I live in Michigan, I have 2 grown up kids and 2 animal kids; one being Chloe the Beagle/Shepard and Milo the Fearless Feline. I also am a Registered Nurse but currently retired. My favorite activity is when the wind is up enough for me I love to go and fly my 8 foot kite. I usually get it to go up at least 500 feet and my record was 1250 feet when I lived in Florida. My daughter graduates from College next week “GO JILLIAN and my Son Steven lives in Indiana with his fiancé. I have become somewhat of a DealDash addict but limited on how much I can spend do to the limited income but I do enjoy watching other people bid. 
Written by Michael Barnes
Dealdash gift giving

My Grandson LOVES When I DealDash

Dealdash gift giving

Ever since I began bidding on DealDash in Sept 2012, my decisions on everything I bid on has been motivated by my family.

By that I mean “who can use this item”. I try never to just bid for the sake of bidding. That’s why I bid a lot on items for my 5 year old grandson. He loves his video games so of course I focus on those auctions. I showed him a picture of an upcoming auction of a Nintendo 3DS XL, Blue/Black. He said “Nee are you gonna win that for me?”, I said “I’m gonna try”. Well I loaded some bids into my bid buddy and went to work. I checked my auctions at lunch and low and behold I had won it for him for $0.20 and used only 3 bids! 

I have also won 22 Nintendo 3DS Games to go alone with his unit. Most recently the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS for $1.43 using 44 bids, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded for Nintendo DS for $0.12 and 5 bids. He loves having a wide range of game choices for his Gameboy, all complements of his “Nee” {that’s what he calls me} and DealDash.

Thank You DealDash!!! 

– Kim

I have been shopping as a DealDash bidder since 9-2012. I have won over 150 auctions. I live in Ohio with my family.

DealDash Customer Service

Customer Phone Interview with DealDash Employee

DealDash Customer Service

“I’ve just had a call with Gina from Ohio! She’s been shopping with DealDash since 2012 but only really started bidding earlier this year.” – Chris, DealDash employee.

Here are the questions Gina answered while speaking with Chris over at DealDash.

What items do you generally bid on?

Mainly gift cards but if I see something that could be good for my three sons then I’ll bid on it. I like to watch to see what the competition is like. ”I throw 10 bids in and see who bites!”

What items would you like to see?

Garden Furniture (Table and Chairs) and Swing sets. Also, battery powered cars for my kids.

Have you had any issues with delivery?

Not at all. Thought the delivery was really fast.

Have you had to contact Customer Support at all?

Once, the customer service rep was super happy. 🙂

Best DealDash Win?

Won a DeWalt Drill set for my oldest son for $2.06 which is worth $200. He uses it for work and loves it.
DeWalt Drill Set Won on DealDash

Any Frustrations?

Bidders who push the auction to the $5 No New Bidder Limit. Feel these people have too much money! As I watch auctions before diving in, I wont bid when I see overbidding. Also I want to see a bigger variety of items on the site. Chris: With new supplier partnerships DealDash is forming, this should be something everyone will notice – a lot more products going forward.

How is the mobile experience?

Did struggle with navigation initially. Was not sure about the ‘Burger Menu’. I have my own site and think it would be good to have an info bar that pops up, letting new customers know all the different icons on the page. I use an iPhone so have not experienced the Android App.

Overall Experience?

Love it! I have referred over 25 colleagues and friends to the site. They have subsequently won loads of items too.

Thank you Gina for the wonderful phone call. Good luck in the up-coming auctions!


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The Deal Dash Deal You Deserve

DealDash ipad won

I have been a member of Deal Dash for almost two years. In fact, my two year anniversary is coming up in one month on May 22nd. I have purchased many items using the buy it now feature to get my bids back and I have been able to get some real good deals.

One of my best wins is the white Apple iPad Mini 16GB. I won this during a 50% off promotion – this is where the winner only pays half of the final sales price. I paid a total of $7.89 with free shipping and used 199 bids at 15¢ per bid. That comes to $29.85 worth of bids + $7.89 = $37.74 total price including the cost of my bids.

Some of the best bidding tips and advice I can share is for you to keep a count of the number of bids you are using. Make sure you know when you are coming close to bidding the equal value of the item so you don’t over bid or over spend. There’s a good article called Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping which I recommend you read to get a good idea about knowing when exactly to stop bidding. 

My Deal Dash bidding strategy is to always stop bidding at the point it is time to use the buy it now feature and get my bids back. Take it from my experience that when bidding, even at 15 cents per bid, it does not take long to spend a considerable amount of money. So be careful, count your bids, know exactly how many bids you are going to use in the auction, and do not over spend; otherwise you’re not getting the deal you deserve.

– Bigr74